Nemanja Vidic Fluffs Spot-Kick, Retires From International Football (Video)

Alan Duffy

12th, October 2011


By Alan Duffy

Sir Alex Ferguson reacts to the news that Vidic has retired from international football

In one of the shocks of the Euro 2012 qualifying campaign, plucky little Estonia made it out of Group C, a group which contained Italy, Serbia and Slovenia, all sides well above them in the FIFA rankings, along with Northern Ireland and the mighty Faroe Islands.

Serbia, managed by former Arsenal schemer Vladimir Petrovic, had a chance to nab a play-off place on Tuesday by winning against Slovenia. However, a superb strike by Dare Vršič put Slovenia 1-0 up and then Vidic missed a vital spot-kick to level the scores on 65 minutes. The Slovenians then managed to hold out for the win which knocked out the Serbs and put the Estonian minnows through.

After the game, Vidic, at the grand old age of 29, decided to call it a day for the national team, a decision that will go down very well in Old Trafford, one would imagine. Interestingly, that’s also the age Paul Scholes quit the Three Lions.

Another top-class Serb, Dejan Stankovic, also quit the national team after the defeat, although at 33 years of age, his decision is slightly more understandable than that of Vidic.

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  1. Jon says:

    Why was Vidic even taking the penalty? Why not someone with some experience (with penalties obviously)?

  2. Matthew says:

    its not exactly vidic’s fault when he is a cb when you have centre forwards and midfielders made for penalty taking a.k.a stankovic, zigic, jovanovic, tosic, krasic blame them for not stepping forward

  3. Ivan Drago says:

    Kolorov was on the pitch too, a player whose sole purpose is to take set pieces as he is clearly shit at doing anything else especially defending and running.

  4. KingEric7 says:

    Saved AND held, oh dear.. Why would a centre-back take it anyway? Never understand these early retirements, who wouldn’t want to play for their country? (Apart from the entire England squad).

  5. Ryan says:

    That was a little passive.

  6. RyanSSL says:

    That is what Serbia deserve for their actions in Genoa and for whistling the Italian anthem.

  7. Zonpi says:

    Look at 00:11 and how Handanovic shows where Vidic should take a shoot.

  8. wolfinho says:

    well, there won’t be any major competitions for serbia until the world cup now, i imagine he’ll come out of retirement if he’s invited back to the squad late in qualifiers (if needed) or even in the finals (if they make it). otherwise, he’s probably on fergie’s orders to focus on united for the next few years.

  9. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    A top class defender and captain no doubt but has no right whatsoever being anywhere near a penalty/dead ball opportunity. Especially on such an important occasion! And he’s played what 2 games only this season? Where’s the strikers??

  10. Fat Nakago says:

    MY question is WHY didn’t I start Samir Handanovič as my goalie on my Euro 2012 Qualifying Fantasy Football Team?? Why Why WHY??!! *flail*

  11. chimpo says:

    why wouldnt you want to play for your country? well obviously because you’d never win anything and it will prolong your club career where youll earn all your dough and win some trophies if you’re lucky

    not saying it’s right- id give my right ball to play at wembley- but thats why

  12. Ubietz888 says:

    Stankovic should have taken the pen.

  13. Goes to show this football malarky is not so easy when you don’t have an opposition jersey held tightly in your grasp.

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