Ugly Aftermath: Did Luis Suarez Racially Abuse Patrice Evra?

Chris Wright

17th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

Reports began flooding in at about Match of the Day time on Saturday evening that there had been an ‘incident’ at the end of ‘The Biggest Club Game In The World™’, with Liverpool’s Luis Suarez accused of racially abusing Patrice Evra throughout the match.

This morning, in the same breath, Liverpool have released a statement backing their man and requesting that Evra be damned to the infernal fires of hell if the accusations turn out to be bogus – with the Frenchman claiming to Canal Plus that Suarez had said ‘a certain word’ to him ‘about 10 times’ over the course of the 1-1 draw at Anfield.

Suarez himself had this to say via his personal Facebook account:

“I’m upset by the acusations [sic] of racism. I can only say that I have always respected and respect everybody. We are all the same. I go to the field with the maximum illusion of a little child who enjoys what he does, not to create conflicts.”

You can’t argue with a ‘maximum illusion’, now can you?

Anywho, down to brass tacks. What’s clear is that the pair were at each others throats all game and, allegations of racism aside, were both as bad as each other – diving, feigning, riling and generally trying to get one-another sent off throughout.

Observe, Exhibit A…

Exhibit B…

Both acted like children, and it’s fairly unsurprising given the rate at which the underhandedness spiralled that the afternoon-long feud between the two eventually transmogrified into something as hulking and ugly as it did – claims and counter-claims of racism.

Either way, the allegations are abhorrent. Racist abuse is, of course, totally unacceptable (especially considering the years of good work that have been invested by various organisations into slowly but surely banishing it from the game – the match itself was used to launch Kick It Out’s ‘One Game, One Community’ action programme, with players from both sides wearing anti-racism T-shirts before kick-off) but a baseless playing of the ‘race card’ in an attempt to smear an opponent is arguably even more vile – should that be the case.

Indeed, Evra’s been caught out before – eventually being banned for four games and fined £15,000 after his claims that he was racially abused by a member of Chelsea’s groundstaff were thrown out back in 2008.

I’m certainly not calling him out as a serial liar, but all the evidence I’ve been presented with has been resolutely inconclusive (especially if the ‘certain word’ is the ‘certain word’ I assume Evra is alluding to), which doesn’t bode well for his claim that the whole shebang was caught ten times, clear-as-day on camera – I’ve seen a couple of passages and I can’t see anything other than two finickety arseholes jostling and bickering with each other all game.

It also doesn’t bode well for the FA investigation that has been launched into the incident, unless the judiciary panel are privy to reams of footage with a vastly greater deal of clarity than that which is available to the peons. From what little I’ve seen, I fully expect this to go the way of 2008.

Is anyone out there any the wiser?

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  1. gamblino says:

    Who the fuck stands in the crowd and films the whole match like in video 2?! It shows what a cheat Evra is though. If he didnt cry wolf so much people might listen to him.

  2. k9 says:

    dunno evra is a whinging idiot (see: world cup 2010) whilst suarez is a massive tool (see: forever) but even if he did i can’t imagine anything being done, all i can see is Liverpool claiming it was a misunderstanding and everyone sweeping it under the rug, a-la busquets marcelo last year

    i guess the only difference this time is Liverpool haven’t come out and attacked united for telling on them lol

  3. Mr Sensible says:

    The fact is no one knows other than Evra and Suarez so there is no point saying who is right or wrong yet.

    Just because there was not enough evidence with the Chelsea incident doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I am of mixed race and sadly racism exists everywhere as the world is full of scumbags.

    Also, that second video shows nothing, one of the angles of that incident on the TV showed Suarez clip Evra’s leg and then him landing heavily on his knee.

  4. murry1975 says:

    @Mr Sensible , what are you on about the light tap Evra got and hurt himself making a meal of it for ? The point is racist comments , not who kicked who , they both were acting like a pair of seven year olds .
    K9 got it spot on in his first sentence re:idiot and tool .
    If Saurez is found guilty I hope he gets the book trown at him , however if it goes the other way , it was a 4 game ban laast time , maybe an 8 game one .

  5. unitedFixation says:

    Why should Evra get a ban ?? In the chelsea it wasn’t him who had originally appealed anyway.

    But for a moment lets assume Evra lied in the past about being racially abused. So now what ?? abuse him and get away with it??

    Plus if its not proven doesnt mean it didn’t happen. If Suarez (who has bitten players in the past !!!, since the past matters to a lot of people here) deserves the benefit of doubt. Then why not Evra.

  6. Mr Sensible says:


    The second video was trying to show that Evra dived Suarez’s challenge. I said from another angle shown on TV it was clear there was contact and Evra landed heavily on his knee (although he overacted). The clip is not directly about the racist incident but the general behaviour of both players during the game.

    You can’t accuse a player of lying if there isn’t evidence, I’m not saying Suarez did use racist abuse but if they are unable to find evidence that does not mean Evra should be punished. Yes punishment for a player IF he is lying, but not getting evidence does not mean Evra lied.

  7. makoto hasebe says:

    did he is a negro? why sensitive if he is negro? black is black, you cant deny it!

  8. makoto hasebe says:

    man utd is a very bad bad sore loser! god damn man utd!

  9. Mr Sensible says:

    Is Makoto real?

  10. Gaz says:

    The sad thing is Suarez cant be found to be innocent. The outcome will either be that he did it, or that there is no proof that he did do it. Either way this racist accusation is going to stay with him forever.
    Although you would imagine if he said it 10 times then it would have been caught at least once.

    Was it Busquets who racially abused Marcello last year, suppose to call him monkey?? whatever happened with that?

  11. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    Dude^, “negro/nigger” is an offensive term no matter if he’s black. Like calling you a “gook” or “nip” or “ching”.

    I do feel Evra’s got a chip on his “they just hate me cos I’m black” shoulder. Must be because he’s French. And even if he IS telling the truth, he’s personal history doesn’t make for very convincing argument.

  12. Dragan says:

    I love suarez’ reply to the whole thing about how he comes onto the field as a young child looking to have fun and play football and not cause trouble. haha mr cheat who bit someone in holland and cost ghana a semi in the world cup, and ofcourse countless other incidents… rich.

  13. Mizman says:

    Mike Phelan and another memeber of uniteds staff made the claim that Evra was racially abused by the chelsea groundsman in 2008. Evra was banned for improper conduct.

  14. Davy says:

    If it does come out that he has said it and it can be proven by god knows which camera from where in the ground then he should be banned forever…Kick racism out and all that!!

  15. Davy says:

    But it won’t and they won’t…….Guranteed

  16. JJ says:

    Usually when there is a “Suarez Incident” it is quite obvious (the handball, the biting incident). He’s not the kind of guy that tries to hide his sins.

  17. JJ says:

    Negro is not Offensive in Uruguay. The greatest footballer in Uruguayan history (Obdulio Varela) was nicknamed “El Negro Jefe”. On the pitch his teammates would call him “Negro”. Luis Cubilla (another famous Uruguayan player was nicknamed “El Negro”. Pele’s nickname before he was accomplished enough to become “O Rei” was “La Perla Negra”. Eusebio’s nickname was “La Pantera Negra”. In Uruguay, wives call their (even white husbands) “Negro”. Pretty much every black player in Uruguay is called negro even by their teammates.

  18. unitedFixation says:

    wow JJ … that should absolve Suarez of anything bad he said to Evra .. Evra should now be banned for 10 games.

    Also what is commendable is the fact that all Suarez’s wrong doings for example deliberate handball, biting – the regular stuff are quite obvious.

    And the ‘sad’ part is that regardless of the outcome of the hearing, this wonderful and upright gentleman of the game who always wore his heart on his sleeve would be subjected to speculation over some silly comments which are perfectly valid in the Uruguay.

  19. Dale says:

    “Indeed, Evra’s been caught out before – eventually being banned for four games and fined £15,000 after his claims that he was racially abused by a member of Chelsea’s groundstaff were thrown out back in 2008.”

    I thought the claims were unable to be proven, which doesn’t amount to the same thing as Evra actually lying. It’s a difficult thing to prove, it been one player’s word against another.

    Either way, they’re both odious little shits.

  20. JJ says:

    If I say something to you that is perfectly acceptable in my culture and in my language to you that SOUNDS like something that is racist in yours, am I being racist?
    I could call you (or anybody) a nagger. Am I being racist? The only person that knows is me. You make take it a being racist, but it may not have been racially motivated at all.
    My point is that these two players come from completely different cultures, so a case of “lost in translation” is possible.

  21. Jeremy says:

    did he call him a scouser ;)

  22. JJ says:

    Evra should tell Valencia what Suarez was calling him. Valencia could tell him if it is racist.

  23. AJM says:

    Wait a second, we are now questioning the character of Evra – who has never made an allegation of racism before, despite the typically wrong media sensationalism – compared to Suarez, who has bitten, dived, handballed, and hair-pulled his way through the entire game over the last 18 months?

    I’m not saying Evra was right but his reactions during the match suggest that he is at least genuine in what he *perceived* had happened. Suarez has a growing history of being a c*nt but that doesn’t make him guilty. Still, if I were laying a bet…

    However, this is virtually impossible to prove or disprove. Nobody is in the “right” here. Hopefully it turns out to be a misunderstanding

  24. Papi says:

    I love when disgraceful-to-the-game scum like Suarez are accused of something and put on the spot, then try to come of like saints. Only then do their attitudes change.

  25. Charlie Adam says:

    AJM, some comedy gold there.

    From bare-faced EVRA NEVER DID ANYTHING WRONG to errrr misunderstanding!!!!

    What a complete weapon.

    As for Evra, yes, because he’s done it before, he should get a very serious punishment. Apparently he claimed to have been called a “fucking immigrant” by a Chelsea coach the last time?? This is a coach in the Premier League, in which almost every player is an immigrant and who works with the likes of Drogba, Essien, Kalou, Anelka, Mikel, Kakuta, Malouda, etc etc every day, presumably, and who actually called him a “fucking idiot”.

  26. Charlie Adam says:

    “Nobody is in the “right” here.”

    What? It happened or it didn’t happen. It sounds like you actually know your player was in the wrong and are making excuses already.

  27. JJ says:

    I would rater be called a “fucking immigrant” than a “fucking idiot”.

  28. United Till I Die says:

    Wow. A lot of people here who have no idea about the Evra case with Tony Bethell (Chelsea groundsman). Evra never claimed racial abuse. He never has in his life. Mike Phelan and Richard Hartis made the claim, not Evra, so to all of a sudden accuse Evra of “playing the race card” shows ignorance of the highest order. And if you endorse Liverpool trying to get him banned for making a claim of racial abuse, you must be truly disgusting people. Yes, let’s ban a player for making this claim. Despite the fact that, contrary to popular belief (no doubt due to sensationalised press in this country), he has never made a claim of racism before. And if he ever dares to defend his race again ban him even more. What a joke. Tell me exactly what Evra has done wrong? Suarez has bit opponents, pulled Rafaels hair in last seasons game and who can forget the cheating at the World Cup, followed by a disgraceful celebration. By disgraceful I mean that if he really played with “maximum illumination, like a child” he wouldn’t celebrate like that. And let’s be realistic, if the tables were turned and this was happening to a player at a club less hated than United, people would not kick up such a fuss. The fact that LFC are not only defending their player, but calling for a ban for Evra shows a complete lack of class. MUFC are waiting for the results of the investigation before releasing a statement. LFC will look like prize idiots if this claim is proved accurate.

  29. Mr Sensible says:

    Charlie Adam

    Maybe you should actually read what happened regarding the Chelsea incident before making shit up. Evra never claimed it, he was told he was called it by other United players.

    Also, IF Suarez did say what Evra claims then Evra has every right to make it public, racism exists and should be punished wherever possible.

  30. Mr Sensible says:

    Also, no one knows what happened but what we do know is that if you were to ask any football fan to describe Suarez it would be along the lines of “great player but a nasty piece of work”. So for him to come out and say he has always had respect for players is a bit laughable.

  31. hgo says:

    if it’s not proved it doesn’t matter it’s not happened (regarding chelsea incident) just sad how biased all media are towards fucking sad overrated liverpool, but who cares keep trying to win something fucking idiots, and suarez is a total disgrace bythe way – worst diver ever he’s worse than ronaldo was 10 times, keep rolling and screaming everytime opposition comes close to him, fucking peace of shit as all scousland are

  32. Mr P.C. says:

    Since when did Evra understand Spanish or Suarez speak French ?
    We do know from their track records that both are semi-literate, semi-educated, intensely competitive, with over-sized egos who came from nothing playing football on the streets. Since when did they become politically correct, racially or ethnically sensitive moral human beings that need to be treated with kid gloves in case their feelings get hurt ?
    Let ’em at it, if they kick the shit out of each other fine and if they swear at each other fine, it comes with their territory and is ingrained in their psyche.
    For 5 million quid a year I would happily let Evra kick the shit out of me and Suarez can call me names all day long

  33. big mean bunny says:

    do Liverpool have two Suarez’s? you seem to be referring to one who is a model citizen and didn’t commit a deliberate and cynical handball at a tournament covered in “fair play” banners and one who doesn’t go over easy in an attempt to get others booked!

    both are massively de-testible the majority of the time things aren’t going their way.

  34. AJM says:

    What I mean by nobody is in the “right” here is that both sets of fans are using this incident to support their own sides rather than objectively thinking about what it means about racism in the game. This isn’t a United vs. Liverpool issue and as, such, nobody is in the “right” as seems to be how things are divided online.

    @Charlie Adam If you want to talk footy issues, how about the hilarious dive by Downing when Evra’s foot was in another time zone? Or your namesake’s “contact foul”, another classy act by a classy player (you know, the same one that tried to take Gareth Bale’s ankle off last season out of frustration).

    If you weren’t so focused on defending your player at all costs, you’d know by now that Evra has been at the center of two race-related incidents previously. With Chelsea, it was white United staff members (including Mike Phelan) who said they’d heard the abuse. With Steve Finnan, it was TV viewers who complained they’d seen him mouth the abuse. In neither case did Evra accuse anyone. HOWEVER, to react as he did during the match, suggests something happened that really angered and offended him. Remember, you and I have NO right to decide what offends someone else. For people to claim that he’s playing the race card is selfish and disgusting, showing a lot more of who they really are than they’d ever admit in public.

  35. Rob says:

    a very unbiased argument, well done.

  36. Fred Tissue says:

    As usual, a totally biased article against a United player.

    We don’t know what happened, and yet you come out and say that Evra has been caught out before, but as already pointed out, it was his team mates that had informed him of it happening. Don’t lecture us on things you dont know about, Chris.

    And Suarez? Why no mention of his ‘previous’? Like biting an opposition player, or deliberately handballing on the line in the World Cup, and generally whinging and diving at every opportunity. So its a joke that he’s come out and said he has always respected everybody – and yet you havent pulled him up on this by pointing out his previous history. As I said, typically biased reporting.

  37. Hatter says:

    I’m not a Saurez or Evra fan but I love his everyone is citing Saurez’ s handball being such a disgusting despicable act. If it were England in the same situation and one of our players they would be a hero! Plus I know I would do the same and I’m pretty sure most others would if they were really honest. As for the biting……

  38. Alfonso says:

    Negro is a term that is used as a term of endearment in Argentina and Uruguay, i dont know the ins and outs of this incident but i would suggest a clash of cultures. The truth will out im sure

  39. Spur-vatska! says:

    mad props to kuyt for “speaking his mind” down on evra at the 1:29 mark!

  40. Brendan says:

    Yes he committed a handball on the line in the World Cup. I would do the exact same thing for my country. Go watch the video again and you’ll see he wasn’t the only one with his hand flying up.

    I am neither a Manc or a Scouser but believe me I’d much rather have the guy who would do anything for his country to win than the one who completely disgraced his.

  41. Brendan says:

    Oh and Fred Tissue grow up, you sound like a petulant child with your “biased” remark.

  42. Gaz says:

    I don’t understand people mentioning the handball, it was a professional foul. Look at what Wes Brown did to Theo Walcott on the weekend (personally i think he should have been shown red, no intention of getting the ball). Does that professional foul make him likely to be racist?
    (just realising that Wes Brown might not be the best example here….)

  43. Ryan says:

    A hispanic taunting someone else about their race is laughable.

  44. sloth says:

    Gaz, if you can defend that handball as a “professional foul” you could defend any instance of diving as a “professional” tactic to get opponents sent off or draw penalties. Come to think of it, I think any professional foul is a pretty sad display of cheap gamesmanship.

    Evra’s a douche. Suarez is a bigger douche. It’s a complete toss-up as to whether Suarez is a racist or Evra is a liar, and neither outcome will surprise me.

    Grumble grumble the current state of professional football…

  45. Fat Nakago says:

    Among some of the things Luis Suarez said to Patrice Evra during the match:

    “Your ill-tempered manner of play, sir, is very niggardly of you.”

    “¡¡Cagomos en la leche de tu puta madre, Frenchy!!”

  46. The_Colonal says:

    RIGHT…… Let’s clear something up, In the world today as in 2011… On the ad boards of most stadiums/stadia in the world it says stuff about racisum “kick it out” or whatever it says as a proffesional in either football or working in a office you are told about culture and what right and what wrong in most countries racist comments is not allowed, if he did do it he knows that the word he used is not allowed in most countries and he is not in uruguay now….

    same as if i went to the arab emerites and shagged my Girlfriend on the beach i would arrested or police carry guns in usa doesnt mean they can do it here… shame on you if you did say it, but shame on you if you lied

  47. Mick says:

    jj well than uruagauy is a very rascist country and should be banned for all eternity. im sick of thes stupid people go to hell. did suarez call him a nigger?

  48. Rich says:

    “A hispanic taunting someone else about their race is laughable.”

    Only if you view all races as being the same

    Punishing Evra if the claims can’t be upheld is a dangerous thing to do. All it will mean is people are less likely to speak out against racism in the game and it will prevail.

  49. CFC_Jay says:

    Thanks to the guys who are being honest about handballing on the line…………what kind of argument is this??? yes technically its wrong and remind me, Suarez did get sent of for it and did miss the next game in the world cup didnt he???…..but anyone in the same situation would have done exactly the same, and if they say they wouldnt then they are totally lying!!

  50. Jimbo says:

    evra was kicked in the knee, then he landed on the same knee. pretty fucking painful! how is that cheating?

  51. Redskywalker says:

    Evra DIDNT dive! I duno what the hell some of you were watching, but on better replays you can see Suarez cinically hacking him down there. Open your fecking eyes please.

    And like one of the guys above said, theres usually no smoke without fire, and Suarez is throwing up ALOT of smoke.

  52. JJ says:

    Uruguay is a non racist country. There was NEVER a slave trade in Uruguay. Unlike England, France and America. Brazilian slaves fled to Uruguay to live in freedom, the father of Uruguay’s Independence was an Indian. There is no equivalent term for the word “N*GGER” in Uruguay because that NEVER happened there.
    Uruguay’s greatest ever footballer (Obdulio Varela) was nicknamed “El Negro Jefe” and on the pitch his teammates called him negro. Luis Cubilla another famous Uruguayan player was nicknamed “El Negro”. Pele’s nickname before he established himself as “O Rei” (The King) was “La Perla Negra”. Eusebio’s nickname was “La Pantera Negra”.
    Truth be told, Evra is such an insecure black man that he has to run away from his nation of berth (call them racists when they are pisssed at his actions), and go so far to run away from his race that he has to marry a white woman.

  53. Mr. Angry says:

    this twat evra is always acussing people of being racist against him! its never true anyway!

  54. shitfacedonmeths says:

    Just a note to say that the majority of the so called people passing comment on something they know nothing about are a load of tools!
    And please please learn how to spell,it is pitiful watching you poor slobs pretending that you went to a decent school before you were expelled.

    GET a life
    and read a little more
    you complete set of twat.

  55. shitfacedonmeths says:


  56. AFT says:

    @shitfacedonmeths: “you complete set of twat” (sic). Perhaps you should think about your own spelling/grammar prior to passing judgment. Embarrassing.

  57. daddio1966 says:

    @shitfacedonmeths. This is a football forum not a spelling bee. However, before you start crticising others, check your own spelling and grammar – “you complete set of twat” is plural and should therefore read “you complete set of twats”. You TWAT!

  58. AFT says:

    Punctuation too. Idiot.

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