Both Man Utd And City Fans Urged To ‘Trash Their Tevez Shirts’ In Return For Brand New Replicas

Chris Wright

20th, October 2011


By Chris Wright

Brought together by a common hatred, both Manchester United and Manchester City fans are being urged to ditch their Carlos Tevez replica shirts into a skip ahead of this weekend’s Manc derby as part of Betfair’s ‘Trash Your Tevez’ jersey recycling campaign.

Apparently anyone from either side of the divide who hasn’t already burnt their Tevez shirt to a cinder and dumps it in the skip on matchday will be issued with a voucher for a brand new United/City replica shirt, while the discarded garments will be donated to charities both in the UK and in the uppity striker’s Argentinian homeland – where his stock hasn’t fallen quite so low…yet.

Why, if only Forest had set up a ‘Trash your Van Hooijdonk’ shirt back in the good old days. My poor old parents had to take out a second mortgage to get his monstrous moniker ironed across the shoulders and down the arms of my ’97 home strip.

Via Daily Mail