Paul Scholes Ready For United Coaching Promotion, Set To Replace Reserve Team Boss

Alan Duffy

14th, November 2011


By Alan Duffy

Following in the footsteps of Molde’s title-winning boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Paul Scholes looks set to take over the Manchester United reserve team outright as current boss, Warren Joyce, moves back to his former club Hull City.

Scholes currently assists Joyce with the United second string, and is now expected to be promoted to the reserve team manager position himself. Joyce is wanted by manager-less Hull City to fill the vacant position left by Leicester City-bound Nigel Pearson and with Scholes waiting in the wings, Sir Alex Ferguson is expected to let Joyce go without any compensation package.

Scholes was never a particularly vocal leader on the pitch, so it’ll be interesting to see how his coaching career develops. And if he takes part in any training sessions, will be kick any of his players with his trademark ‘mis-timed’ tackles?


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  1. kenji says:

    bad decision!

  2. Papi says:

    Maybe he can teach the potential midfielders what long-range passing really is.

  3. Redskywalker7 says:

    Pies – please stop portraying him as the man who invented the late tackle. He had extraordinary skill in his locker, he should be remembered as the little master he is.

    Should be interesting, he wasn’t vocal, like you say. I have a feeling he’s either going to a world-beater or a complete flop.

  4. Liam says:

    Warren Joyce set to stay at Man Utd, Barmby to take over at Hull City as Caretaker.

    Liam, Hull Fan UTT!

  5. pkhakheria says:

    “Remember lads, if someone gets at you on the pitch , just give em a good knock in the ankles or thigh….years later you can let them know it was intentional, but until then, you are none the wiser….”

  6. Best midfielder of the past twenty years, agreed by common consensus from the people who really know. The choice of photo to accompany this article, as well as the cheap (not to mention incorrect) attack on Scholes’ tackling confirm the author’s bias. I’m a millwall fan, who has been a victim of the brilliance of Scholes’ game at the 2004 fa cup final (god knows how we even got there). I think websites like this would be better if they actually took a look at the player, independent of the team. Try harder, Alan.

  7. Tim Lovejoy says:

    Wow… a whole 10 games as ass. coach… yup, he’s ready.

    Hey, if it only takes 3-4 good games as a pro to make it to the english national team, 10 games is more than enough to prove you can coach.

  8. Thomas connolly says:

    Furthermore, here we go again, another ex-utd player attempting to tear down infrastructure from the the hub. Dont misinterperate my ramblings, but I am a utd fan, subsequently will not positively anticipate watching our youngsters learn how to tackle like a bunch of buffons. The ginger one has scored a handful of decent goals but all in all consequently banished more harm than good to our wonderful Team, do we really want this quiet man imposing his everpresent mould as grass roots? I think not!

  9. MADREDEDIOS says:

    @thomas connolly, youre a idiot!
    @chris, stop being a biased manchester united hater.

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