Chelsea fan brushes his teeth during Man Utd game (with video evidence)

Ollie Irish

9th, November 2009



And a new craze begins.

Brilliantly, this clip also features Ray Wilkins saying ‘bollocks’ to the fourth official. Double win.

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  1. grevin says:

    United played well but b coz chelsea played much better it won the game and am also surprised with united’s behaviour coz i’ve been seeing chelsea loose severally at united but they dont over react so what i may ask is that “is it a must for united to win every game?”

  2. Glad someone else saw this, I thought I’d imagined it. Who brings a toothbrush to a football game?

  3. edward says:

    i totally saw that too, maybe he’s too cheap to buy one of those colgate wisps.

  4. alex says:

    yeah i saw that and hoped someone else noticed it too

  5. ... says:

    ooohh yeaahhh i saw that i was like wtf is that crazy cockney muther f*cker doing? i thought it was just me who saw it.

  6. Marcus says:

    LOL funny. Maybe he had braces..sometimes you gotta clean those! But usually only if you’re in primary school..

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