The FA Charge Liverpool’s Luis Suarez Over Alleged Evra Abuse At Anfield

Alan Duffy

16th, November 2011


By Alan Duffy

Coming just after Sepp Blatter’s ridiculous remarks concerning racism in football, the FA have finally decided to act on Luis Suarez’ alleged verbal abuse of Patrice Evra during the Liverpool vs Manchester United at Anfield on October 15th.

The FA statement reads as follows:

“The FA has today charged Liverpool’s Luis Suarez following an incident that occurred during the Liverpool versus Manchester United fixture at Anfield on 15 October 2011.

“It is alleged that Suarez used abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour towards Manchester United’s Patrice Evra contrary to FA rules.

“It is further alleged that this included a reference to the ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race of Patrice Evra. The FA will issue no further comment at this time.”

Presumably, if Suarez just offers to shake Evra’s hand then we can just forget all about the whole sorry affair?

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  1. JJ says:

    Well I guess Ferguson will get his way. Suarez will be off to Spain or Italy in less than a year.

  2. AJM says:

    ^Great point, Ferguson is clearly worried about the sleeping giant in Merseyside. They are only one or two players away from making a serious charge at the title (surely the first time this has been the case in his 25 years) and he clearly put Evra up to all this. What a cunning, evil bastard.

  3. Steve Clarke's Cerebrum says:

    What are the odds of Suarez getting charged and Terry getting off free? Very good I would guess. Well done FA. And Utd fans calling for Suarez to get a lifetime ban from football, well that is just pathetic. Classic xenophobia from the English. Nice one guys. I don’t think the FA will be happy until Gareth Barry and Kevin Davies are the most skilled players in the Premier League. Hey, but that’s alright because the get stuck in, give 110% and never ever dive or playact.

  4. bert says:

    i dont know about sleeping,more comatose but definetly deluded ajm.

  5. tendon not is says:

    @ AJM Please tell me you’re being sarcastic. i know people think he’s got the FA by the nads but surely this is too outlandish.

  6. don petronie says:

    lol suarez can go suck it. idk how guilty he is in this affair but to hell with him. hated him for his diving, but ever since that gerrard free kick at anfield (when suarez was dancing like a mariachi to confuse de gea) i despised him. to hell with him

  7. Chris says:

    @don petronie – “spicness”?! HA! In reference to a story re: racism?! Wow.
    And yes I will double over laughing at the irony if John Terry escapes any charges…

  8. Normal Guy says:

    @Steve Clarke’s Cerebrum

    Are you serious? The FA have just charged Suarez for racial abuse after a complaint from a Frenchman and now you’re calling the English xenophobic?

    What’s you’re fucking problem, so you’re completely fine with racism in football as long as they play pretty football?

  9. Steve Clarke's Cerebrum says:

    @Chris Please don’t jinx it mate :D

  10. Patrick says:

    Yes, clearly Evra was manipulated into being pissed about racist abuse. Clever. How did I see that?

    I just saw Liverpool’s statement though, remaining “fully supportive of Luis in this matter.” Classy.

  11. Tosser says:

    Don’t confuse the Terry and the Suarez case. One man claims to be abused 10 times in a match without another player stepping in to aid the offended. This might be because the playing field was international in nature. Suarez used his culturally acceptable syntax and semantics (negrito – diminutive person of colour) of a Uruguayan (also acceptable in a host of other countries). Evra, a Frenchman, took exception using his own semantics.

    John Terry and Anton Ferdinand on the other-hand are both English and have near identical semantics to the syntax “black c*^t.” Fans, with the same semantical background, initiated the investigation and Ferdinand was therefore obligated to answer a police investigation.

    There was no wikipedia for “black c*^t.”

  12. unitedFixation says:

    @jj and @AJM

    Please come forward and explain in detail how Fergie has a hand behind this fiasco. Just shooting off your mouth is highly irritating. I know you like me are just fans and largely inconsequential to what will ultimately happen but this Fergie has the FA in the pocket is just delusional. We have been on the receiving end of some pretty pathetic decisions ourselves and there is no point highlighting them here. The useless crap you people spout is very irritating as it never adds to a good debate.
    Plus if Fergie wants to see the back of any players right now its David Silva, Ballotelli maybe Juan Mata. But certainly not Suarez. This is a guy who has faced challenges in the past from the likes of Henry, Pires, Shearer, Torres, Drogba and many more. He has always managed to come back and make it 19.
    Suarez is innocent until proven guilty but there is a charge on him and its HIS fault he brought it on himself.

  13. JT4BNP Campaign says:

    This is not the first time that Evra being the petulant little peick that he is has resorted to accusing opposition players of racial abuse, he has after being frustrated by Suarez dragging him around the pitch for the day played the only card he has, besides admitting that he list out to a superior player. Congrats to the F.A. Charging him while he was on international duty, if they think charging the player of the tournament in last summers Copa America will go unnoticed they’ve another thing coming. In regards to the coke dealers off spring who extorted money to watch training seissons…of course he won’t be charged, they might knight the fucker..

  14. Archbishop Betty Snagcock says:

    @Tosser: today sir, you are my hero. one of they few people to look at it rationally and i lol’d at the wiki black cunt thing

  15. Redskywalker says:

    Take that, Suarez, scum of the football world.

    “fully supportive of Luis in this matter.” So Liverpool are the latest club to come out in defense of racism then..

    “JT4BNPCampaign – STFU you moron. Since when is complaining of racism ‘petulant’? Go play in the middle of a highway.

  16. CFC_Jay says:

    @ everyone!!! until any one of these players gets found guilty of racial abuse i think you should all shut up and get off your high-horse!!! i agree there is no place in football for racism but seriously until there is concrete proof this foul act has occured then a players name should not be dragged through the mud. Calling someone a racist when they are not is slander and aslo a form of abuse!
    Also Blatter is and always has been a gigantic douche!!!

  17. kenji says:

    this is fergie’s plot to make liverpool further down! what a old cunning fox plus his blackie fox. terrible man utd players and his scum manager! i hope GOD will punish them!

  18. Col says:

    To those who clearly cannot detect the obvous tone of AJM’s comment – I reckon he was definitely being sarcastic!

  19. JJ says:

    @unitedFixation: what an appropriate name you have. Listen, Ferguson used to be a player; I’m sure in his day and age he was called a lot worse than negrito on the pitch. If he had any balls he would have told Evra to sit down and shut up, instead of hold his had as they walked to the referee’s room after the game.

  20. unitedFixation says:

    This is just bullocks. Just because someone , in his day, ‘might’ have put up with some abuse, that means that everyone should. Look I am not taking a higher moral ground. It could easily have been a United player in the dock for such a charge. But two wrongs don’t make a right. If Evra felt offended he has every right. Why should I care about what’s deemed okay and what is not.
    Plus a Pool fan talking about Fergie and balls. Its just hilarious, if Kenny had any balls he would castigate his (only decent )player and do the right thing. But he doesn’t as he himself was a diving whining cheating git in his day.

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