Helena Costa, First Female Coach In Men’s Game, Resigns As Clerment Boss After Less Than Two Months In The Role

Chris Wright

23rd, June 2014


By Chris Wright


Helena Costa, who you may remember became the first ever female head coach in the men’s game after taking over at Clermont Foot at the beginning of May, has resigned after less than two months in the role.

Clermont president Claude Michy has issued the following statement via the Ligue 2 club’s website:

“Helena Costa has decided not to honour her commitments vis-à-vis Clermont Foot and therefore does not assume the role of coach for the coming season.

“This decision is sudden and surprising. I deeply regret this situation. I thank all those who have supported her and I am most grateful.

“Club operations will continue with other stakeholders to prepare for the new season.”

Just for the record, as yet Costa has given no reason for her resignation – at least not in public.

(Via France Football)

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  1. Straight Dave says:

    Couldn’t hack it/ahould’ve stayed in the kitchen etc etc.

  2. Straight Dave says:


  3. Citizen of the World says:

    Straight Dave i hope you’re being ironic. If not you are a fucking mess.

  4. Brad says:

    Straight Dave clearly can’t hack it as a worthwhile human being, should’ve stayed in the trash.

  5. Anchorman says:

    Straight Dave, you are so correct. Men are superior and I feel that if she’d have kept being a physio like that nice bit of totty from Chelsea she wouldnt have had to resign and go back to cooking, cleaning and ironing.

    How can someone manage men about where and how to play balls when she doesnt even have any her self.

    Richard Keys and Andy Grays careers got ruined because of funny banter remarks about women (which come on they were funny). yet daily denis welsh and all the other vultures on Loose Women slate men left right and centre.

    Now helena luv’ get your yellow gloves on, a few players cars need washing

  6. Drags says:

    Clerment… what you did there, i see it.

  7. Donald McRonald says:

    Shes probably on her period

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