Malky Mackay No Longer In Crystal Palace Frame After Former Club Cardiff City Complain To FA About ‘Racist, Sexist And Homophobic’ Text Messages

Chris Wright

21st, August 2014


By Chris Wright

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Despite looking to be the preferred candidate up until last night, it looks like Malky Mackay won’t be taking the Crystal Palace job any time soon after the Eagles became aware of a dossier sent by the Scot’s former club Cardiff City to the FA in which they have outlined their allegations of misconduct against the former Bluebirds boss.

Cardiff originally made the misconduct allegations against Mackay and Cardiff’s former sporting director Iain Moody to the FA a fortnight ago and were subsequently asked to provide proof, which they have now done in the form of the aforementioned document.

In the dossier, Mackay, who left Cardiff following a ugly, protracted squabble with owner Vincent Tan, is, among other things, accused by his former club of sending text messages of a “racist, sexist and homophobic nature” while employed by the Welsh side – at least according to the Daily Mail.

The Mail claim to have verbatim transcripts of the texts in question, which were found during a “dawn raid” on Moody’s house…


“Gay snake”?

Moody was initially sacked by Cardiff in October and then almost immediately took up a similar role with Palace. He was then embroiled in a storm of controversy six months later when he was accused by Cardiff of using his inside contacts at the Welsh club to leak their starting line-up to Palace before the two sides met in the Premier League in April.

Cardiff subsequently asked the FA to void the result (Palace won 3-0) after the game, claiming that the integrity of the fixture had been compromised due to Moody’s suspected espionage.

The Bluebirds have now informed Palace and Moody that they plan to serve legal action against them for their involvement in the infamous “spygate” incident.

In short, this is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

Meanwhile, Tim Sherwood has now been re-installed as favourite for the Palace job.

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  1. Mr. Chopper says:

    I find the term “gay snake” rather endearing.

  2. Daysit says:

    I do remember the snake from the animated version of the Jungle Book having a slightly effeminate voice. Maybe it was a nod to that. Still strange put down. Malky seems like a right bigot.

  3. Straight Dave says:

    Racist, sexist AND homophobic?

    Wow, that’s the discriminatory home run right there.

  4. Jarren says:

    It doesn’t look good, does it?

    There’s banter, and then there’s just plain WRONG.

    I mean, the “bounce on her falsies”; men will always talk about women in a sexualised way. It’s only natural. You’re with your mate, you see a hot woman walk down the street. Do you say nothing, admire her haircut or say “wouldn’t mind giving that a go”?

    I bet women do the same thing.

    It’s the racist comments that may just cripple Malky. That “Not many white faces” one is just scary. That’s the shit you expect to hear from far right thugs.

    This is a right old mess for Malky. He’s gonna have to do a HELL of a lot of grovelling / apologising.

  5. Daysit says:

    @Jarrne: Agree massively.

  6. syndex says:

    which black/gay/human player will want to sign for any club he manages jesus it must have been hard to find a manager that next to sherwood looks like a good option but palace have found one

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