Here’s That Picture Of Sam Allardyce Dressed Up As Cheryl Cole You’ve Always Wanted (Photo)

Chris Wright

24th, January 2017


Anybody who has read Sam Allardyce’s book, ‘Big Sam: The Autobiography’, will no doubt still be suffering residual effects of the psychological trauma caused by one particularly infamous passage.

While discussing his extra-curricular pursuits and his penchant for the party, Allardyce fondly reminisced:

I squeezed into some very tight black pants and nailed the Moonwalk. I’ve even dressed up as Cheryl Cole.

Grim and harrowing in equal measure.

While we’re sure the mental images are painfully vivid, there now exists actual photographic documentation of Sam’s aforementioned ‘Cheryl’ anecdote.



Photo: @BigSportGB/Twitter

Never have we felt more like downing several pints of wine.

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