‘I Don’t And I Never Have’ – Burnley Manager Sean Dyche Forced To Vehemently Deny Worm-Eating Rumours

Chris Wright

18th, January 2018


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Now there’s a headline you don’t see very often: Sean Dyche has been forced to deny that eats worms.

The Burnley manager was incriminated by former teammate Soren Andersen recently, with the ex-Bristol City striker speculating that Dyche might have a gravelly voice because he regularly used to eat earthworms during training sessions.

Andersen made the claims during an appearance on Danish podcast Fodboldministeriet:

He had exactly the same voice when he was younger. Maybe the voice comes from eating earthworms, because every time we trained, he used to eat worms.

He did, and it was horrible, I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was like: ‘whoops, there’s an earthworm’ and then he ate it.

However, Dyche has been quick to refute the allegations after the subject was broached during his midweek press conference.

Tyrone Marshall, Burnley reporter for the Lancashire Telegraph, managed to get the following categorical denial…

Here are a few more choice Dyche quotes taken from said presser (via Daily Mail):

It’s fair to say I didn’t actually eat the worms. It was a bit of banter I used to have – I’ve done it here and Watford too – that you get a nice, big juicy worm hanging out of your mouth.

It wobbles, wriggling around. Look as if you’re chewing it and then spit it out. Soren has probably taking it a bit too far. He’s a good lad.

Don’t know about you, but that all definitely sounds like something somebody who used to eat worms might say.

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  1. Your chicken is dead says:

    “Don’t know about you, but that all definitely sounds like something somebody who used to eat worms might say.”


  2. VieuxSang says:

    His lusty description of said worm proves contrary to his claim. Point, Andersen!

  3. Moxey says:

    He’s got a disc beard!

  4. Banjo says:

    Sean, you seem to have got some orange dirt around your mouth in a perfect circle from all your worm eating

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