NBC Promotes Premier League Coverage By Decking Out Subway Trains In Club Colours (Photos)

Alan Duffy

2nd, August 2013


By Alan Duffy


In quite a clever marketing ploy, US TV network NBC have heralded their new Premier League deal by redocrating New York subway trains in the colours of some of England’s biggest clubs.

Using the motto “‘Keep Calm And Pick A Side”, carriages have been decked out to highlight some of the Premier League’s biggest derbies, with half a carriage dedicated to Man Utd and the other other to City etc.

The campaign comes as NBC prepare for their first season as the USA’s Premier League broadcasters, with former ESPN presenter Rebecca Lowe anchoring the coverage along with pundits  Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe.

Why didn’t BT Sport do this on the London Underground?! (maybe because rivals fans would no doubt trash the feck out of each other’s carriages).

Photos: NBC

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  1. Cosa says:

    Apart from Lowe, they’ve picked some serious deadwood to present the footy

  2. 2rd says:

    Why didn’t BT Sport do this on the London Underground?!

    Probably cos in England yuo don’t pick a team, per se. Your more born into i.

  3. Calm Arsenal man says:

    In c2000 i kept calm and chose to support arsenal after reading fever pitch by hornby. I also know alot about baseball and could tell yous ALLLLLLLL about it. just have to ask :)

  4. Steve says:

    I can tell you all you need to know about baseball too. It sucks.

  5. Calm Arsenal man says:

    Ok steve, I somewhat agree on that matter its just that as a yank, i felt obligated to mention baseball.

  6. Kingsland101 says:

    Very clever marketing

    @2rd… Not if you are a Man Utd fan.

  7. K says:

    Funny thing is, most Americans with sports knowledge still don’t know who Man City are.

  8. Jarren says:

    It’s a nice idea, but this whole “Keep Calm And…” thing is so tired.

    It was tired 5 years ago on teapots.

    Now it’s everywhere.

    Horse. Flogged. Death.

  9. Yank says:

    Silly YANKS!! If the YANKS weren’t so daft they would know you’re born into a team! Stoopit YANKS. YANKS, YANKS, YANKS. What a bunch of silly YANKS. d’know nuffin about football! Silly YANKS call it soccer!! YANKS. Yanks.

  10. Calm Arsenal man says:

    Well yea Jarren, i mean, were still listening to zepplin over here. Who do you think you are dealing with?

  11. TravisKOP says:

    dont forget to mention the yanks!

  12. Jarren says:

    @Calm Arsenal man: Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s still flogged in the UK too.

    It’s bloody everywhere, just so happens the US & Canada have picked up on it as well.




    bah, humbug.

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