Monday Night Pundit Wars! Stan Collymore Vows To Quit Broadcasting If Gary Neville Can Find Footage Of Him Diving

Chris Wright

19th, August 2014

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By Chris Wright

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Manchester United v Everton - Old Trafford

Small-scale pundit warfare erupted on Twitter last night in the wake of Diego Costa’s dismal efforts to con a penalty out of referee Michael Oliver by hurling himself over Burnley goalkeeper Tom Heaton at Turf Moor – with Stan Collymore ultimately vowing to walk away from the broadcasting profession to prove his point.

Having witnessed Costa going arse-over-tit and guffawing disdainfully like the rest of us, Collymore took to Twitter to predict that the Sky Sports pundits (Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher) would side with Chelsea’s Spanzilian striker due to their past allegiances with a couple of modern football’s more renowned tumblers…

While discussing the Costa dive live on air, Neville then commented that, in his own experience, every single player in the Premier League era had “gone to ground easily” to win a foul at one point or another. This riled Collymore, who issued Nev with a challenge…

Neville then countered…

The pair then hammered out the details of the wager, with Neville saying he’d need a few days and a couple of “Sky anoraks” to help him go through hours of archive footage.

The ex-Manchester United defender then added a further forfeit to the mix, telling Collymore that he will also have to don a United shirt with ‘Neville’ on the back and dance around Liverpool singing “Gary Neville is a Red” at the top of his lungs if a clip of him “going to ground” was successfully located!

Game on!

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1 Comment

  1. Jarren says:

    Jesus! Balls of steel from Stan there, got to believe in his conviction.

    I know what Gary’s saying, that you don’t have to “dive” but that some players “go down easy” under a challenge.

    Diving is abhorrent and nobody who loves football condones it, even if your own players do it (last season I was so appalled at Ashley Young).

    But yeah, players can “go down easy”. I think there’s a difference, even though it’s a grey area.

    If you’re hit while at speed there will be a chance you lose balance. Maybe some players take advantage of this. Not nice, but there was contact.

    It’s when players “simulate”. That is the disease. That is the sickness that people who don’t watch football regularly think the game is all about.

    Video replays for “fouls” like in tennis; each team allowed 3 disputes per game.

    Ref proved right, no problem. Shake hands & on with the game. Player showed to have dived without contact, INSTANT RED CARD.

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