Iconic Moments In Sport: Mark Today, February 29th 2016, As The Day Richard Keys Met Sepp Blatter (Photo)

Chris Wright

29th, February 2016

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It’s important that we never forget

Mark this day for all eternity as the day that two footballing titans – nay, colossi finally met face-to-face.

We are of course talking about Richard ‘Your Key To Sports’ Keys and Sepp ‘Use My Off-Shore Account’ Blatter – a seminal parlay that was sealed with a dad joke for the ages…

We were desperately scrounging around for a fittingly pithy caption for that soon-to-be-iconic photo, but our pal Daniel Storey got in their first and nailed it…

Bang on!

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1 Comment

  1. dan says:

    What an absolute twat. (I don’t really like Blatter much either, come to think of it).

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