This Recent Edit To Michael Chopra’s Wikipedia Page Is So Surreal It Must Be Seen To Be Believed

Chris Wright

19th, August 2016


Given the somewhat meandering nature of his career and the extra-curricular dalliances that have peppered it along the way, Michael Chopra’s Wikipedia page makes for interesting reading in parts.

However, after a recent edit, rather bizarrely reported to have been made from a UK government computer, Chopra’s “personal life” section just got a whole lot more interesting.

The revision in question really is a work of surrealist art, with Chopra’s bio newly amended to include this intriguing little snippet from last month:

In July 2016, Michael Chopra was suspected of accepting money to dress up as a ballerina and ride on the back of highland cow, after owing money to [a] Portuguese escort.

He owed the money after betting that he could beat her in a penalty shootout. He lost 3-1.

Nope. We haven’t got a clue either.

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