‘The Scumbags Left Me With The Bill’ – Harry Redknapp Describes Worst Part Of Being Named In Telegraph Corruption Sting

Chris Wright

2nd, October 2016

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Image: Telegraph Sport

Coming as a surprise to quite literally nobody, Harry Redknapp has found himself caught up in the Telegraph’s undercover ‘bung sting’ that wound up costing Sam Allardyce the England job last week.

It was all a little underwhelming but Redknapp’s name bubbled to the surface when the Telegraph released footage of the ex-Portsmouth manager revealing that some of his players had gambled on the results of one of their matches.

Far too savvy to freely admit wrongdoing, Redknapp has since described the undercover reporters as “scumbags” – not only for attempting to trap him during dinner, but also for leaving him to foot the bill.

Speaking on BT Sport’s The Score programme on Saturday, Redknapp grumbled:

It’s a nonsense. If that’s the best they could get out of three hours of sitting with me and trying to stitch me up, it’s sad.

The worst part is that when the bill came up, the other four scumbags got up and left me with the bill.

The 69-year-old also made sure to clarify that his comments regarding his player’s betting were fibs too:

They (the players) never had a bet anyway. No-one had a bet. Impossible.

Anyone who’s watching this who understands betting odds knows that a team on the top playing a team that’s relegated, it’s not a betting proposition.

You can’t bet on that. It’s ridiculous.

You can’t pin nuffink on Teflon ‘Arry. Stay lucky.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps he should have opened a current account for his dog – at least you get a bank card with one of those, then he could have just charged it to that! problem solved init bruv. #arry4england

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