‘I Was So Insecure’ – Robbie Savage Admits He Created Online Aliases To Praise Himself On Derby County Fan Forums

Chris Wright

1st, March 2017



Robbie Savage has admitted that back during his playing days, he created phoney online aliases which he used to shower himself with praise on fan forums.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, the former Wales international revealed that, shortly after signing for Derby in 2008, he became so insecure about his performances that he created fake accounts and then infiltrated message boards to talk himself up.

I was the most insecure person ever. To the point where when I signed for Derby and was having a shocker, you know those chat boards?

I made up a name, went on them and used to say, ‘Robbie played really well today, didn’t he?’.

Seriously, I was that insecure I used to phone newspaper reporters up if I got six or a five in the paper and say, ‘What are you talking about, what game were you at? I was at least an eight or a nine’.

I was so insecure as a person, I’d have the best game in the world and I’d still think ‘am I going to be playing next week?’

I’d phone four, five, six different people to say I played well.

Robbie Savage was a petty, narcissistic, self-centred ego-berk?

Fair play to him for keeping it so well hidden all these years.

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  1. rob says:

    Does he call Five Live 606 from the studio and conduct fake calls with himself, because honestly why would anyone want his opinion on anything?

  2. EGAVAS_EIBBOR says:

    I think he’s actually really good on radio. Rather listen to his views than yours mate!

  3. Richard Obbiesavage says:

    I agree Robbi- er, EGAVAS… He’s a solid 9 out of 10 on five live.

  4. Ramridders says:

    Seriously? Rob has put that??? Robbie savage speaks his mind,it’s a shame more people in the public eye don’t do the same,I want your opinion robbie. Unlike robs!!!!

  5. Rob's a knob says:

    Yeah Rob, shut the f#%k up… Savs a legend!

  6. Archer says:

    Insecurity? Narcissism more like.

    Robbie savage is a Berkshire Hunt.

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