Let’s Hear It For Tim Gudgin – Legendary Voice Of BBC’s Results Round-Up Retires

Alan Duffy

21st, November 2011


By Alan Duffy

For many of you young whippersnappers reading this on your swanky tablets and uber-powerful laptops, whilst no doubt drinking trendy takeaway lattés and listening to underground grime on your iPhone 4s (god, I hate you smug b******s, with your lives still ahead of you), the name Tim Gudgin will mean little to you, as will his massive importance in the world of football broadcasting.

However, for bitter old (ish) codgers like myself, Mr Gudgins was the voice of the football results on a Saturday at 5 o’clock, the man who could make or break your whole week depending on how your team did. His gravelly tones were as much an instrinsic part of Saturdays for us of a certain age as Dickie Davis, Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy. With no Sky, dodgy live streams, live internet match centres and never-ending Twitter updates, all we had was a dodgy vidiprinter and the voice of Gudgin.

Now, the great man, at the tender age of 81 and after 60 years in the business, has decided to jack it all in. Watch this lovely little tribute to him put together by the Beeb at the weekend.

Apparently he is to be replaced by BBC Lancashire’s Mike West. But why not get someone more high profile, maybe  Robbie Savage or Paul Merson? Or that bloke that does the voiceovers on Come Dine With Me or his counterpart on Big Brother? What do you think?