Merry Christmas Everybody! Non-Denominational Seasonal Holiday Wishes From Pies!

Chris Wright

24th, December 2011


By Chris Wright

Just a little heads-up to let you know that I’m not going to be around until the New Year as I’m away recharging my batteries for a few days after Christmas.

Therefore, Pies will be slowing down a little bit until early January. That said, Alan’s still going to be around to keep the ship afloat with the odd post hither and thither, so we’re we’re not going to be totally silent over the post-festive phase.

Thank you all for a great 2011 – we’d be nowt but a page of pointless pixels without your discerning eye and impeccable taste in football blogs, so we really do appreciate your continued interest and input. Much, much love.

I’ll see you all again in January – rejuiced, rejigged and at least one waist size bigger if everything goes to plan.

A very Merry Christmas from Pies!