Thierry Henry Plans To Fluff £250k On Ginormous 5,000 Gallon Floor-To-Ceiling Fish Tank

Chris Wright

20th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

Thierry’s place, as is

This is the BIG news this morning people, so hold on to your pancreases. Thierry Henry is building a fish tank. Not just any fish tank mind you, no no. It’s a fnarkin’ enormous one – bigger, in fact, than the Adriatic Sea*.

For you see, Thierry is seeking planning permission to tear down his £6.8 million mansion in Hampstead, North London (a house that was only completed in 1999) and start anew while he’s away in New York – with plans in place for almost £2+ million’s worth of renovation, complete with a 40 foot, 5,500 gallon, £250,000 whopper of a fish tank (it’ll also cost £80,000 a year to maintain and a further £2,500 will have to be put aside for fish food) that will run through every level of the four-tier building and contain upwards of 300 fishes…

(*this is false)

First of all, who are all these shady people in Thierry’s house, lurking in his lift and playroom? Secondly, it all looks very swanky, though why would you spend quarter-of-a-million spondoolies on a fish tank when you still have to walk through the bog to get to the pantry?

Priorities Thierry, priorities.

(Images: Daily Mail)