The Aurelio nailed by Taddei


20th, December 2006

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Rodrigo Taddei, Roma‘s midfielder, decided to get in on the showboating act when he came up against Olympiakos with his stupendous trick called "The Aurelio" named after Roma Assistant Manager, Aurelio
Andreazzoli, and only the second ever football
trick to be named after a footballer following the Cruyff Turn. Not bad for someone who was fighting for his life, after he was hurt in a serious car accident only 3 years ago.

[Mof Gimmers]

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1 Comment

  1. Josh says:

    This is not new and isn’t called an Aurelio. It’s called a Hocus Pocus and has been done by players for ages. For example ronaldinho in that nike ad where there is a vid of him as a kid.