Walter Smith quits Scotland for Rangers: what the bloggers say

Ollie Irish

11th, January 2007

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Walter I personally wouldn’t have had a problem with him taking helm of club & country, at the same time. But it looks like the SFA have scored a spectacular own-goal on demanding he sides with one – or the other. I always assumed you find a replacement before ‘shooting yourself in the foot’. Where will we find another Scottish manager in time for the European qualifiers? [Alan Brazil]

Walter Smith quits Scotland for Rangers: what the bloggers say continued

So perhaps that’s part of the reason Waldo is back – to make it look as in-house as possible, to dilute the farcical brevity of the Le Guen experiment by re-appointing a man so ingrained in our collective Beardom psyches, a man so loved by Bluenoses with any heart or any sense of gratitude. [Rangers.OpenFootball]
I  don’t want to single out Walter Smith as the only man in football to f**k over his employers, but I have to say I’m pretty disgusted – although not at all surprised – that he has decided to leave the Scottish national team in the lurch. [Us]
They didn’t help themselves with what was rumoured to be a point of serious contention throughout the last two years: their insistence on their right to remove Smith should Scotland fail to make Euro 2008. For a country that last appeared at an international tournament when the Spice Girls were considered cool, that’s preposterous. [The Offside]

[Rob Parker]

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1 Comment

  1. roberto says:

    walter smith is as bad as the fud,s who signed away scotlands freedom some 300 years ago act of treachery