Garrincha: Forgotten footballing great


18th, January 2007

Garrincha, in my opinion, is too often overlooked when great players names are mentioned. It’s all Pele, Cruyff, Platini and Maradona. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with looking back at those players, but surely we all know how great they were? Garrincha (which means ‘Little Bird’) was an explosive talent both on the pitch and with the ladies. He was born with several birth defects: his spine was deformed, his right leg bent inwards and his left leg six centimeters shorter and curved outwards, but still had extraordinary dribbling skills. It’s testament to his prowess that during a game, he dribbled ’round a player half a dozen times before the ball went out of play… and the referee let the game continue as he was so mesmerised by the winger’s skill as he continually dummied and shimmied around the opposition.

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