Steve McClaren’s England squad of peace and harmony

Ollie Irish

2nd, February 2007


Joey_barton_footballer1 "I wouldn’t be like Lampard or Gerrard, who are superstars at their clubs and want the limelight when they play for England. If there were two balls on the pitch, then I think England would be successful but, the fact is, it’s been proven they don’t work together." Joey Barton
2 "’We got beat in the quarter-finals. I played like shit. Here’s my book.’" Joey Barton
3 "Joey mentioned that he was running at six in the morning in Dubai on holiday and then he wondered if me and Stevie G were doing the same. When I read that, I thought: ‘I was doing that when I was 11. That’s the difference." Frank Lampard

Click here to see the full squad. [Rob Parker]

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  1. joe says:

    There’s no doubt Lampard and Gerrard have been a bit disappointing on the big occasions, it’ll be interesting to see if Barton can do any better.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Lampard and Gerrard have done nothing for England. Prima Donnas all the way.

  3. joe says:

    barton likes to talk a good show – lets see his game now.

  4. Barton was right to say what he said, the players should only be releasing books when their careers are over and then they should only do it when they have achieved something. Both players have had domestic success and Gerrard has had success in Europe, but then why not release the book in summer 2005?
    If they had less distractions off the pitch and concentrated on performing on it they could have even more success, which is what they should be striving for. Instead of doing video diaries, books and god knows what else. Look at Beckham, since he became a global billboard he has achieved little on the pitch.
    Barton had a little distraction off the pitch which was his brother, but he still performed on the pitch and the distraction was not of his choice.

  5. davie jones says:

    Please, Stevie G played his ass of in WC. He should have been named Captain. The rest of the team thought so and he’ll be wearing the armband come Wednesday. Few players can give JT a mouthful, Gerrard did against Portugal when Terry seemed lackadaisical.
    Beckham as/is shit. Sven was shite. I like Joey Barton, but he needs to have respect for his elders.

  6. joe says:

    I hope Barton will shake things up for the English, they’re obviously a team with lots of talent who are just a little comfortable. I think they need a troublemaker, its was to serene at the last WC, nobody even seemed that pissed that they lost to PORT again!
    BTW: If people don’t want players writing admittedly what seems to be premature books, then DON’T BUY THEM. This alone will end this somewhat pretentious practice of a bio at 26.