Oswaldo Sanchez attempts to slide tackle Eddie Johnson (while he celebrates a goal!!!)

Ollie Irish

9th, February 2007


Two for the price of one here: a bizarre football moment and US commentary (USA up one-love!). Does it get any better than that?! Mexico goalkeeper Oswaldo Sanchez makes a bit of a lunge at USA striker Eddie Johnson as he celebrates his side’s second goal in a 2-0 win on Wednesday night!

Watch the video below, enjoy your weekend and try to resist shouting "Landon Donovan – the outswinger!" at everyone you see!

[Rob Parker]

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  1. Peter says:

    Mexicans have always been dirty (‘dirty Sanchez’), but especially when they get beaten by the Americans – which is routine these days. The main reason the U.S. is a global powerhouse is the main reason we’ll never compete on the world state – we’re completely isolated. And given the anal probing, barbaric nature of air travel these days, things aren’t looking up.

  2. joe says:

    Yeah the Mexicans are a cheap, dirty, diving team. They could give Cristiano Ronaldo a lesson or two. If you have 90 minutes to waste watch a mexican league game, its the worst style of football you can imagine. They hate losing to the Americans which is rough because they’ve been given a good spanking lately.

  3. wise says:

    on behalf of american sawker fans everywhere, i’d like to apologize for “one-love” and “the outswinger”. these are sports announcers who have never sat through a match in their lives.

  4. joe says:

    ESPN are absolutely useless when it comes to the world’s game. I was tempted to switch over to Univision and listen to the Spanish guys. I don’t know what they’re saying but at least they won’t drop gems like “Christian Ronaldo” or “David Beckham is like a quarterback in football”. They should have got David Pleat, he rambles on about flossing his teeth half the time but at least his demented musings are humorous.

  5. jamesey says:

    The Mexicans have played dirty for a long time. They’ve kicked Alexi Lalas in the nuts, in plain sight. Their fans chant Osama when we play them in Mexico. They always try to do little bitch shit, like stomp American players when they’re down. In the 2002 WC they showed the world they have no class, when Marquez was sent off for head butting Cobi Jones.

  6. ERE says:

    Get over it! Mexico is the best!

  7. MEXICOS BETTER!! says:

    Hah mexicans dirty u got to be kiding me its not are fault we do better in world cups and how many times have we beat you guys in a friendly match even are older players can still beat u as proven in the classic players match

  8. Mexico played way better they just didn’t have the luck on there side. But even the greatest players get ho tempered for example zidan and Oswaldo wouldn’t be the exception and Mexicans don’t play dirty, there league is better than MLS isn’t that why the concacaf finals is between mexican teams again.sence chivas got Dc united out and Pachuca got Huston out, dont you think?

  9. jatt says:

    harpz is a bitch

  10. John says:

    Yeah man! Mexican football sucks. The MLS is so good. So is our team! Man, we’re so good. Our athleticism is unmatched. Who cares about technique? Beating Mexico is our goal! Man, I really don’t care about doing good in any international competitions or anything, because beating Mexico inside the US brings me ultimate satisfaction. Who cares about winning at Azteca? Azteca sucks. What a joke. There’s so much smog and dirty people. Seriously our team rocks. We don’t ever play friendlies in foreign environments because we know we rock. It’s not like we’re not respected in the football world or anything. People love us! Riquelme gave Eddie Johnson a look of ‘respect’ during the Argentina-USA match! That’s more than those dirty mexicans will ever get close to achieving. It’s not like they got further than us in the world cup or copa america. Man, we rock.

  11. N says:

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  12. N says:

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  13. N says:

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