Snapshot: FIFA’s Rather Clunky Goal-Line Technology Used During Chelsea’s Club World Cup Clash With Monterrey

Alan Duffy

13th, December 2012


By Alan Duffy

During the World Club Cup, FIFA are trialling two goal-line technology systems,  GoalRef and Hawk-Eye in an attempt to find the best solution to an issue which has plagued the game in recent years.

For the game between Chelsea and Monterrey on Thursday, GoalRef was used, with the ball carrying a computer chip and the goal-frame, as you can see from the picture, surrounded by a magnetic field, with the equipment looking rather clunky.

When the ball crosses the line, the ref will get this in his special watch…

All very exciting!!!

Ref photo courtesy of Shuji Kajiyama/AP

Goal-line technology photo courtesy of PA

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  1. dc says:

    or they could just put a couple mini cameras that people sitting ip in the stands could watch and radio the ref when the ball crosses the line…. this seems a bit silly and expensive

  2. Delta V says:

    Accelerometers should be implanted into players’ bodies.

    When a player (LUIS SUAREZ) disputes discipline for diving, the official can plug a LARGE data cable into the player’s ANUS and confirm (via a Linux based mainframe computer) that there was, in facr NO CONTACT made by the opposing player.

  3. Jarren says:

    Where exactly is the chip on the ball?

    Is it on the outside or in the ball itself?

    How does the chip relay the position of the ball to the detecting equipment?

    Is there life on Mars?



  4. Humding says:

    Great until someone figures out how the signal to the ref’s watch works and umpteen ‘goals’ are transmitted to it from someone in the crowd.

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