THE VOTE Should Steve McClaren recall David Beckham to the England squad?

Ollie Irish

22nd, February 2007


P1_beckham_0221What a crock of shit our national team is. If, heaven forbid, the England team was picked on merit, not reputation, we wouldn’t be having this futile debate. We all know that England team selection has been a joke for years and that you’ll struggle to pick up caps if you play for an unfashionable club – if Peter Crouch had stayed at Villa or Southampton, he wouldn’t have got near the England squad, Then he moves to Liverpool – well he must be class if one of the Premiership’s big four rate him – and, bang, he’s in. If Beckham is playing better than his rivals, of course he should be picked.

Fabio Capello changed his mind over David Beckham, so why not Steve McClaren?

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  1. bryn says:

    how does McClaren justify picking Jermain Jenas over Beckham? Beckham will create a goal in just about every match he plays, and he scores a fair few. Thats more than you can say for alot of the attackers in the england squad at this moment in time. he should be getting into a team that is struggling to qualify for euro 2008 in a group including Croatia, Russia and Macedonia

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Agreed Bryn

  3. Matt says:

    If Beckham plays more games like he did against Bayern on Tuesday I don’t know how McClaren couldn’t pick him.

  4. Andrew says:

    McClaren should never have attempted to get rid of Beckham. He should be included in the next squad, but having said that, McClaren won’t.

  5. Ads says:

    You must be joking. Beckham has been picked a billion times based on reputation and not form. So what if he’s be ok in a couple of matches for Madrid. Lennon was brilliant in a ton of matches for spurs but couldnt get in tthe side ahead of Becks who was playing abolutely terrible at the time. Becks was shocking in the World Cup, his stats against Sweden would have anyone else kciked off the squad for good, for instance. Becks is past it, the circus is going to America, let us rejoice in a new era without such celebrity rubbish.

  6. Visser says:

    In all fairness Beckhams removal from the England squad to me was purely a publicity stunt to show that McClaren wasn’t just another Sven. Now I think when we need someone of real class (and dispite his celebrity status and obvious ego) he can be of use. I agree that Lennon should have started more games in the world cup, but the first post has it spot on, how can you pick Jenas over Beckham? it’s ludicrous.

  7. truth says:

    I don’t understand removing Becks from the national squad. He may not be in your starting 11, but you have 23 tickets. Why not give one to one of the best free kick specialists in the game. If he’d like to renounce his English passport, we Americans would take him in a heartbeat.

  8. truth says:

    Meant to add, ol’ Bleached Teeth McClaren will do whatever’s popular. If polls show fans want Becks, McClaren will put him on the squad. The man has no center.

  9. joe says:

    Beckham should get a spot on the bench, certainly over Jenas. You’re an idiot to sit Lennon down to start him though.

  10. Rob says:

    Yes Jenas is crap, so pick someone else, but NOT Beckham,
    I’ve watched all the recent Real Madrid games and he does nothing but welly the ball across the pitch as soon as he gets it.
    I can’t believe we’re still talking about his England career, it should have been over years ago.
    Is he going to fly over from LA to promote his and Tom Cruise’s films and then join in a few training sessions with the squad?

  11. bryn says:

    i agree Lennon should be a in the first 23 for sure. when he plays he scares the shit out of most defenders as they know thay’re in for a 90 minute roasting. if Beckham was in the squad though, then the other right sided players would know he was breating down their necks and hopefully improve their game as a result which is what we need. maybe Beckham shouldnt start every time but he is certainly in the best 23 players in england

  12. James says:

    No way. I want him playing in as few matches as possible before joining my beloved L.A. Galaxy!

  13. stu says:

    this isn’t “american football” mate, you can’t just bring someone on for a free kick and then sub them again after
    Beckham is past it, he’s got no pace, no skill and a massive right foot made of lead, he’s a dead ball specialist and thats it, end of story he’s a show pony
    there are far more worthy players who could be used on the wing like
    Lennon, Joe Cole, Shaun Wright-Phillips
    Gerrard is not a winger, he’s best down the middle, and he’ll never play there because Frank “400 shots a game” Lampard is hogging that position
    the real issue should be why the fuck McClaren is still putting Crouch up front, i mean fuck me, could there be a shitter player in the game? he scored a few goals against Jamaica, big fucking deal, you could have brought Bobby Charlton on to do that and he’s been drawing his pension out for 9 years

  14. SlappyJones says:

    I watched that the Bayern game and didn’t see the great “form” of Beckham.He was minorly involved in 2 goals not all 3 like the press said and he did little else other than perform set pieces very well which is what he always has been able to do.Basically the Sun and papers of that ilk are trying to sell papers because Becks is a national hero and they want to stir the pot and in doing so also put the screws to McClaren who they despise already after such a brief honeymoon.