Pies vs Lawro, Premiership predictions

Ollie Irish

2nd, March 2007



Liverpool v Man Utd
Lawro: 1-1
Pies: 1-2

Arsenal v Reading
Lawro: 2-0
Pies: 5-1 (Gooner backlash, anyone?)

Fulham v Aston Villa
Lawro: 1-2
Pies: 2-2

Man City v Wigan
Lawro: 1-1
Pies: 1-1

Newcastle v Middlesbrough 
Lawro: 2-0
Pies: 3-1

Sheffield Utd v Everton 
Lawro: 1-2
Pies: 0-1

Watford v Charlton
Lawro: 1-1
Pies: 1-1

Portsmouth v Chelsea
Lawro: 0-2
Pies: 1-1

Bolton v Blackburn
Lawro: 2-0
Pies: 1-1

West Ham v Tottenham 
Lawro: 0-2
Pies: 2-1

Bring the motherf**king ruckus Lawro (and Pies readers too)!

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  1. cole says:

    I have consulted the lower intensine of a small herbivore and foresee the following:
    Liverpool v Man Utd 1-1
    Arsenal v Reading 1-1
    Fulham v Aston Villa 2-1
    Man City v Wigan 0-1
    Newcastle v Middlesbrough 3-1
    Sheffield Utd v Everton 0-1
    Watford v Charlton 0-2
    Portsmouth v Chelsea 1-3
    Bolton v Blackburn 2-2
    West Ham v Tottenham 0-3

  2. OmegaSupremeho says:

    Clouded by the dark side the future is but anyway :
    Liverpool v Man Utd 1-2
    Arsenal v Reading 3-0
    Fulham v Aston Villa 1-0
    Man City v Wigan 1-1
    Newcastle v Middlesbrough 2-2
    Sheffield Utd v Everton 0-1
    Watford v Charlton 2-2
    Portsmouth v Chelsea 2-3
    Bolton v Blackburn 2-2
    West Ham v Tottenham 1-2

  3. Sheps says:

    not going to do predictions but thought i’d post this gem from the bbc courtesy of jan molby’s preview for the liverpool united game:
    “I know a bit about Agger from his time in Denmark, and he has surprised me with how well he has adapted and passed all the big tests placed in front of him.
    The one worry I had about him was his defending but, in fairness, he did not have a lot of defending to do with Brondby.”
    as opposed to worrying about, say, his rubix cube solving abilities.

  4. Clemen says:

    Daniel Aggers rubix cube solving ability is nothing to worry about. Robbie Fowlers on the other hand…

  5. Clasher says:

    liverpool – man yoo
    Clasher: 2-1
    Arsenal – Reading
    Clasher: 4-1
    Fulham – Villa
    Clasher: 1-1
    ManCity – Wigan
    Clasher: 2-0
    Newcastle – Boro
    Clasher: 2-1
    ShefUtd – Everton
    Clasher: 0-1
    Watford – Charlton
    Clasher: 2-1
    Portsmouth – Chelsea
    Clasher: 1-4
    Bolton – Blackburn
    Clasher: 3-2
    WHU – Tottenham
    Clasher: 1-3

  6. mrelegazna says:

    Manu 2-1 Liverpool
    Arsenal 1-0 Reading
    Fulham 0-0 Aston Villa
    ManCity 0-1 Wigan
    Newcastle 0-1 Middlesbrough
    Sheffield 0-3 Everton
    Watford 1-1 Charlton
    Portsmouth 0-2 Chelsea
    Bolton 1-2 Blackburn
    West Ham 1-0 Tottenham

  7. Will says:

    Liverpool v Man Utd 0-3
    Arsenal v Reading 2-1
    Fulham v Aston Villa 0-1
    Man City v Wigan 0-1
    Newcastle v Middlesbrough 1-1
    Sheffield Utd v Everton 1-0
    Watford v Charlton 1-0
    Portsmouth v Chelsea 0-2
    Bolton v Blackburn 1-3
    West Ham v Tottenham 0-2