Football Haiku: The Magic of Dimitar Berbatov

Ollie Irish

15th, March 2007


Weclome to Haiku Corner, a serene spot where Pies can sit, meditate and then come up with stunningly brilliant football-related haiku. This week we focus on the magician that is Tottenham’s Dimitar Berbatov.

All in white this knight
brightens the Lane with shining goals.
But Mido is shit.

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  1. Lew says:

    The Spurs make me laugh
    But I have to admit that
    Berbatov is good
    (and thats from a gooner!)

  2. Lew says:

    PS – can I call foul on the original for too many syllables in the 2nd line?

  3. Jezza says:

    Berbatov’s all right.
    Shame we won’t be seeing him
    in Europe next year.

  4. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Yeah, I knew someone who pull me up on that! Good spot Lew. My haiku are freeform European so I can get away with it ;)