THE VOTE The Steve McClaren Israel Situation

Ollie Irish

23rd, March 2007


Laurelhardybrennender How did England get themselves into yet another ‘We’ve got a rubbish manager who we don’t want’ scenario? Anyway, no use moaning. Pies would like to suggest these two scenarios:

a) We scrape a result against Israel and then end up sneaking into Euro 2008, where we fail to get past the quarter finals because Stevie Mac is clueless.

b) Israel stuff us, and the FA is forced to sack McClaren and hire a decent manager – the catch being that we don’t then qualify for Euro 08 because of the position McClaren has left us in. The upside is that we at least have a good manager to build for the next World Cup.

Not sure if I’d go for a) or b). The first choice seems the most likely scenario to actually happen, but that depresses the hell out of me, because it’s so familiar to all England fans. I’ve read opinion from lots of England fans who actually want us to lose to Israel and so enforce scenario b), but no doubt the FA would cock things up again. All views welcome…

PS. Yes, I am shit at Photoshop.

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  1. Joe says:

    We, as England fans, should create a petition in which we state that McClaren lacks the top team experience to be an England manager, and should not be blamed for England’s bad results IF he decides to do the honourable thing and resign his position. It’ll get signed by pretty much anybody in the country, which will have to force the Ginger Joke out, and then we can start looking for a real manager, whilst El Tel coasts us to Euro 08 as caretaker manager.

  2. Billyo says:

    Surely a little from column a and a little from b is possible no?
    I’m sure Stevie “Wonder” McClaren wont leave if we win, but if we lose, we could still qualify with a storming finish to the group no?