Wayne Bridge Withdraws From England Duty

Chris Wright

25th, February 2010


By Chris Wright


Manchester City’s Wayne Bridge has today made himself unavailable for England selection after feeling that his position in the national squad has become ‘untenable and potentially divisive’ (his words I’m sure) following weeks of scandal and publicity surrounding his private life.

Bridge’s statement reads;

“I have thought long and hard about my position in the England football team in the light of the reporting and events over the last few weeks.

It has always been an honour to play for England. However, after careful thought I believe my position in the squad is now untenable and potentially divisive.

Sadly therefore I feel for the sake of the team and in order to avoid what will be inevitable distractions, I have decided not to put myself forward for selection. I have today informed the management of this decision. I wish the team all the very best in South Africa.”

You’ve got to feel for the man.

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  1. Ollie says:

    Sort of feel for him, whilst at the same time thinking ‘Grow up, you’re a professional.’ It’s not like Terry slept with his girlfriend, it was Bridge’s EX-girlfriend. Dubious behaviour, of course, but Bridge should man up – if anyone should feel aggrieved, it’s Terry’s wife more than Bridge.

  2. Meji says:

    This guy is gonna do his country like that? What a fuckin pussy hole. Some players dream for this opportunity fuck Wayne Bridge he’s shit anyway to be honest

  3. Chringle says:

    If one of them is going to withdraw I’d rather it be Wayne Bridge. I really don’t care about what’s gone on off-field, but I’d rather have a fully-focused Terry than a fully-focused Bridge at SA 2010.

    I just hope Leighton Baines makes the most of this oppurtunity.

  4. Brent says:

    It’s extremely harsh to accuse him of letting England down. Whether the woman is being reported as his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend is beside the point: she’s the mother of his child, and adult relationships are never as black-and-white as that anyway.

    He’s within his right to still feel betrayed and upset from someone who called himself a friend, and he’s honest enough to admit that he can’t yet work alongside the man in those circumstances. He’s admitting that his presence (given that Terry’s sure to be there) wouldn’t be good for the team, and he’s withdrawn. In any case, it’s a bigger loss for him than it is for England anyway, all things considered.

  5. gamblino says:

    Blessing in disguise! No doubt. Think it’s less about him pussying out and more about him knowing that the team need all the help they can get to minimise the media intrusion. So probably a gracious move. respek

  6. beaconcheeks says:

    This is Leighton Baines chance to shine – he is definitely the best of the rest at left back, having an outstanding season

  7. Anonymous says:

    @ Gamblino couldnt agree more mate. I think he knows he isnt the best and defo not a shoe in to start any games so may aswell dive out now and nip any unwanted diversions from the media in the bud before they start!!!

  8. Ping Yang says:

    To be honest with you, I think he wants more media attention. He has the chance to play in his LAST world cup and refuses. Thats incredibly stupid. Terry didn’t have an affair with his wife but his ex girlfriend. Yeah it was bad but what can he do. Finally fuck Tevez and Bellamy, they both will never amount to anything in their career. I even reckon there are better left backs in the Premier League than Bridge. I am a Chelsea fan and never rated Bridge as highly as others did. He is a starter for any other mid table team but always would be a back up for the top four, or even the likes of Spurs. He never could use his right foot, Man City can even do better. It pisses me off that he will receive a free shot at the England first team because I don’t think hes good enough for that just to be handed to him. This could all be avoided if Cole didnt get injured. If he wasn’t injured and Bridge announced his withdrawal, NOBODY would give a shit. And I still reckon the majority of people give a shit. Give the likes f Baines and Warnock as crack at the big stage. Not some former back up for the England squad who can only use one foot.

  9. Connor says:

    Bellamy and tevez never amounting to anything in their careers? a bit harsh, I’d say theyve both been successful. Well said brent, he’s not a huge loss to england but he’s giving a spot up for the world cup, a huge personal sacrifice. How can you think he wants more attention? Like he wants to be reminded over and over that his friend is sleeping with the mother of his child every day…

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