***NEWS FLASH*** Ian Holloway tells us to ‘swivel’

Ollie Irish

30th, March 2007


0%2C%2C10364~2961875%2C00.jpgWe called for Ian Holloway to be installed as the new England manager, and now Ollie has responded to us, via his column for BBC Sport. On learning that Pies had campaigned for him to replace Steve McClaren, Ian said:

‘Ha ha! Well that’s very flattering but I think they’ll have to go and swivel on that idea!’

You don’t know how proud that makes us, Ian! We will indeed swivel with glee, several times. Legend.

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  1. OmegaSurpemeho says:

    LMAO, quality. I didn’t know he had a column, it’s pure wisdom, the antitode to all the madness of international week.

  2. Rob P says:

    Any update on production of the ‘IAN HOLLOWAY TOLD ME TO SWIVEL’ t-shirts, Ollie?!