Dive of the week: Steven Gerrard, Andorra v England


30th, March 2007


Stevie G might have thought that Steve McClaren had deflected most of the flak away from him this week, but here at Pies we don’t forget that easily. Here is England’s hero tripping over the air between the keeper’s feet…

And a couple of other Gerrard dives after the jump.

Winning a free-kick off Cristiano Ronaldo by diving. Very post-modern!

Wrestling against Sheffield United

[Rob Parker]

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  1. Justin says:

    Cristiano Gerrard? He certainly seemed to have borrowed more than one facet of Ronaldo’s game in that match. He scored two goals for a change to go with that dive!

  2. HDN says:

    It’s not a dive. He’s trying not to hit the goalkeeper.

  3. Will says:

    Good to see that you lads recognise the fact that people other than Cristiano Ronaldo dive, it seems like you’re the only ones.

  4. Pieman says:

    CR is a diver. How dare you compare Stevie to that Portuguese ponce.