HolloWatch: Ollie gets thrown out of the referee’s room (but it’s OK because he’s leaving on a jet plane)


2nd, April 2007

Ollie.JPG Plymouth boss – and the first manager to tell Pies to “go and swivel” – Ian Holloway has revealed he was thrown out of the referee’s room following his side’s defeat at Ipswich on Saturday. While we hang on Ollie’s every word, it seems referee Jon Morris was not so keen to hear his opinions. Asked to comment on the dismissal of centre-back Mathias Doumbe, Ollie said: “What’s the point? I have already been thrown out of the referee’s room for raising my voice a little bit.”
Holloway was able to find a silver lining in his method of transport back from Ipswich. He added: “The only positive from the day is that we are flying home rather than having a seven-hour coach ride.” Salt into the wounds for Sunderland fans though! [Via Teamtalk, Rob Parker]

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