THE VOTE Who will win the Champions League?


12th, April 2007


champs_league_trophy.jpgEngland 3-1 Italy. That is the makeup of this season’s Champions League semi-finals. No representatives from Spain, Germany or elsewhere. So of Manchester United, AC Milan, Chelsea and Liverpool, where will you be putting your money? United are in scintillating European form judging by Tuesday night; Milan shouldn’t be in the competition but their quality is obvious to see; Chelsea are peaking at the right time and Liverpool progressed comfortably and only have the Champions League to concentrate on. Who’s going to win the thing?
[Rob Parker]

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  1. Joe says:

    Knowing the luck of the English, probably Milan…
    Still rather have them winning it than Chelsea though.

  2. OmegaSupremeho says:

    A Liverpool v United final would interesting to say the least though I think Jose’s relentless stormtroopers might just do it. Imagine his ego then :|

  3. Tommy says:

    as long as its not chelski i will be happy, well i dont want to see liverpool win either (not a crouch or gerrard fan, especially crouch). i would love to united win but that would just add to the ego that is CR. i guess it would be nice to see one last win for ronaldo and inzaghi and maldini and all those guys. i dont know who im going for but it should be exciting.

  4. Timothy B. says:

    I wouldn’t put money on Milan, but they do have some fine seasoned players. A Milan-Chelsea final would be very improbable, but I would love to see Shevchenko crushed by his former team. Serious prediction would be ManU- Liverpool in the final with ManU winning by at least 2 goals.

  5. joe says:

    Liverpool and Milan rematch would be interesting, having Man Yoo and Chelsea meet there in the FA cup final and in a prem fixture right around the same time would be overkill. Milan Chelsea would be boring as hell. and Liverpool United would be a romp. So Milan v. ‘pool it is.

  6. hicham_saliba says:


  7. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    My money’s on Chelski. Man U to win the league and FA Cup though.

  8. Anonymous says:

    liverpool…in d bag