Best goal celebrations video

Ollie Irish

17th, April 2007


Robbie Fowler’s white-line snort is still the best…

Best Goal CelebrationsCelebrity bloopers here

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  1. Left Back says:

    Can’t believe they missed out Ketsbaia for Newcastle when he took his shirt off and booted the advertising hoardings.

  2. oller says:

    haha, i’d never seen that ruud celebration before. that’s great :)

  3. stu says:

    ha ha! some good ones there! yeah, where was ketsbaia’s – when he couldn’t get his boots off so kicked the shit out of the advertising hoardings?
    or that southampton chap who took his shirt off and threw it in the crowd only to reveal an identical one on underneath!
    was that one bloke humping his shirt on the ground too???