THE VOTE Choose your team of the season, part one: Goalkeeper

Ollie Irish

17th, April 2007


davidjames.jpgFor the next few days, we want your votes so we can put together a definitive Premiership team of the season, position by position (including, finally, a manager). Naturally enough, we’ll start with the No.1s, namely goalkeepers.
Vote in the poll below for your choice for the ‘keeper of the season.
NOTE You can only vote once, so choose wisely!

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  1. Timothy B. says:

    No Robinson? I figured with all the commotion about him being England’s number one #1, and him scoring on Foster, he’d have certainly earned his place on the list.

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Sarcasm Tommy? Or sincere?

  3. Tommy says:

    haha ollie thats a good questions, its actually a little of both. i think a lot of people here know i am a west ham supporter. its always tough to be in my position but this year has been especially trying. robert green can be sublime (see all his saves in the recent arsenal match) or just average, but you very rarely see him make a big mistake. i think petr cech is a great great keeper but its hard to compare keepers when one has john terry leading his defence and his counterpart has the lesser ferdinand. my actual vote would proably go to ben foster or cech but if it wasnt for robert green the hammers would probably be far far far from safety. as of now they are only really far away.
    so i dont know the answer to your question but check out this video to show he really is a class keeper. remember he was an england international until he destroyed his groin against belarus.
    it the video check his saves at these times:
    0:28, against possible epl player of the year fabregas, haha what a joke
    2:50 (replay at 3:32),
    6:05 (one of the saves of the season to me, there should have been a better finish but it was a class save all the same)
    so you can all make fun of me if you want but lots of respect to all these guys, they dont get a lot of credit but can really change a game. have a good one!

  4. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Good analysis Tommy – for my money, Cech is the world’s best keeper, by a distance. He’s a huge guy who dominates his area but he’s also as athletic as a small guy like Shay Given. A very rare combo.

  5. Tommy says:

    yeah i think you are probably right Ollie, Cech is an immense guy with immense talent. i like the trend of young keepers. In the past keepers haven’t been in their prime until at least their 30s but with cech, casillas, reina, ben foster,valdes and even guys a little bit older like robo, howard, and Robert Green getting real experience in their mid 20s its going to be scary to see how good they are in a couple years. I know everybody here hates real Madrid and probably casillas , but he has made some of the more remarkable stops in recent history and his experience at such a young age is close to unmatched. He was playing in a champions league final in 2000, he was only born in 1981. but I think all of the top keepers are pretty close in skill level but cech does have his height on his side. I guess we will see today, west ham does have an amazing strike force that will test him countless times…