Ian Holloway: Bosman ruling is ‘a pile of donkey dung’

Ollie Irish

17th, April 2007

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ian1chrisaldridge.jpgIt’s been a bit quiet on the HolloWatch front for a bit, so it’s good to report that Ollie’s once again been giving good copy. After Plymouth’s 2-1 win at Luton on Saturday, when he left out defender Tony Capaldi, who wants to leave Home Park, Ollie took a pop at the Bosman ruling: ‘I think it’s a pile of donkey dung. FIFA should scrap the Bosman ruling and get back to the way it was where anybody who is out of contract should be owned by the club and he should be able to command a fee for them.’
Ollie’s splendid rant continues below…

‘What they don’t realise is that players are risking their livelihoods. If one of them played today and broke their leg, they would be out of a job. It’s not a case of them having the freedom of Europe, it’s a case of them risking their careers… They should give the clubs power and not the agents and the players.’
Holloway added: ‘They have got it wrong and the committee that sorted it out should look at it and change it now. They have a duty of care to every player and they have let them down.
‘I don’t blame the players, I blame the people at the top and unless they sort it out I’m never going to be a happy man… If enough people talk about it something could happen – even a single-celled amoeba could understand it.’
Single-celled amoeba may be able to get their heads around the Bosman, but I suspect some players are marginally less intelligent than single-celled amoeba…

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1 Comment

  1. Peter Ryan says:

    The man is a hero! 20th April 2007
    ARGYLE manager Ian Holloway has only got one thing to say to the board that have supported him throughout this season, ‘ Cheers’.
    Holloway has compared his first year in charge of the Pilgrims to that of a new landlord moving into a pub.
    He said: “If you take over a new pub and the same clientele are coming in, you might get a few come through who are very positive but that will only go so far.
    “If I don’t redecorate things, revamp things, maybe bring in a new barmaid, bring some new initiatives or take it forward, will people really want to come?
    “I don’t think so. Unfortunately, some of us picked up this pub a few years ago. I was not here but the ones that were are quite rightly very proud of their pub.
    “However, that is not going to get us to the Promised Land. I might have to rearrange the optics a little and they are supporting me with it.
    The Chairman and Ollie
    “The board are obviously having to hear what I am saying and they are supporting me better than anyone has ever done in the past, and I thank them for that.
    “They make me feel solid and secure in what I am doing. I will do my job and that is to push towards building a team to get us in the Premiership.
    “That takes money, time, focus, togetherness, support and support needs to come. Confidence needs to be built.”