Brick cracks window of Chelsea team coach before West Ham game

Ollie Irish

19th, April 2007

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chelsea_bus.jpgI was about to write the headline ‘West Ham yob chucks brick at Chelsea team bus’ until I realised that there’s no proof at all that it was a Hammers fan – everyone hates Chelsea, so who knows?
Frank Lampard said that a brick was thrown at the Chelsea team coach as it arrived at Upton Park for last night’s game against West Ham. Lamps said: ‘The window got shattered. It made a huge bang. But that’s football – it happens because there are emotions.’ There are indeed emotions Frank, but that doesn’t excuse lobbing a brick at a window, a cowardly act that could result in serious injury or worse. Could have been worse – at least it wasn’t an open-top bus.

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1 Comment

  1. JoeFFC says:

    ‘Could have been worse – at least it wasn’t an open-top bus.’
    Shame, really.