Gareth Southgate ‘too honest’, needs to become as ‘shitty’ as other managers

Ollie Irish

28th, April 2007


73355864.jpgMiddlesbrough chief executive Keith Lamb has implored Gareth Southgate to toughen up, saying that the young Boro boss will only improve ‘when he gets rid of the naivety, the honesty and integrity and he becomes as shitty as all the rest’.
Perhaps if Master Southgate stopped dressing like a sixth-form prefect, that would be a start. Seriously though, I like Southgate – he’s done a half-decent job this season – and hope he doesn’t take Lamb’s tongue-in-cheek advice to heart. The Premiership needs nice guys as much as it needs mind game-playing panto villains like Jose, Sir Alex et al. The last thing it needs is one more ‘shitty manager’. [Via Guardian]
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  1. joe says:

    I agree, as much as he may have fallen short as a manager I miss Claudio Ranieri and his completely unintelligible interviews with wild pantimime and Italian phrases. Its always nice to have a few managers out there who arent cunts.

  2. martin says:

    hi southgate i was wondering if you could change sschwacar to b jones for the tottham match thanks