Fanbanta, a new kind of football website

Ollie Irish

28th, April 2007

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fanbanta_logo2.gifWe love our football here and if there’s a new place we can visit to feed our hunger for football-shaped stuff, we’ll go there. Well, we’ve come across something that might interest you…
We’ve spoken to a couple of guys down our local – one a Gooner and the other a beleaguered Leeds fan – and apparently they’re setting up a new website called Fanbanta. It’s going to serve up videos, comedy, celeb articles, ground guides, podcasts and loads more.
As we forced them to buy another round, they said Fanbanta was going to be like popping into a virtual boozer – only full of football. And no booze. So not really a boozer then. It’s not live yet, but they’re recruiting members now and want to find out what football fans want in a website, so they can design it especially for people like us and launch it in June or July.
They’ve got a microsite up at where you can sign up, send in ideas and take part in a few competitions. Give it a try.