Pies vs Lawro, The Result

952791.jpgSo how did you fare with your crystal ball? Ours is clearly f**ked…
Chelsea v Bolton
Lawro: 2-0
Pies: 1-0
Actual: 2-2
Everton v Man Utd
Lawro: 1-1
Pies: 0-1
Actual: 2-4

Blackburn v Charlton
Lawro: 2-0
Pies: 1-0
Actual: 4-1
Man City v Aston Villa
Lawro: 1-2
Pies: 1-1
Actual: 0-2
Middlesbrough v Tottenham
Lawro: 0-2
Pies: 1-2
Actual: 2-3
Portsmouth v Liverpool
Lawro: 1-1
Pies: 0-0
Actual: 2-1
Sheffield Utd v Watford
Lawro: 2-0
Pies: 1-1
Actual: 1-0
Wigan v West Ham
Lawro: 2-1
Pies: 1-2
Actual: 0-3
Arsenal v Fulham
Lawro: 2-0
Pies: 2-1
Actual: 3-1
Reading v Newcastle
Lawro: 2-0
Pies: 1-1
Actual: 1-0
THE RESULT: Six points for Lawro for six correct results. Just five points for Pies though, with five correct results. Toss.
THE READERS: A remarkable five-way tie between Sheps, Adam, Anthony, Joe and GoldenSilva, all of whom pipped Lawro to the post with seven points (correct me if my maths is wrong of course). No prize this week then, cause I can’t very well split a t-shirt into five bits.

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  1. Dom says:

    I was going to photoshop Lawro with massive breasts and make-up for this image. But I never got around to it.

  2. OmegaSupremeho says:

    Bastard hard this week at the “business” end of season.

  3. Sheps says:

    Only a couple of weeks left to claim a prize!