HolloWatch: Ollie hates Topshop


4th, May 2007

Moss.jpgPlymouth boss (and the only Football League manager to tell us to go swivel – so far!) Ian Holloway has been having a good moan about women in shorts in his latest BBC column. Ollie was responding to a question about the new Kate Moss range at Topshop.
Politically correct as ever, he said: “I won’t be going anywhere near Top Shop, mate – it’s not really my bag. When they go into places like that I just get hot flushes about how much it’s going to cost me and I can’t look at the fashions anyway. All these little shorts that are in at the minute, I’m not having them at all. Shorts and leggings, what’s that all about? A woman should be wearing a skirt, not a stupid little pair of shorts that are too small for them. It’s not right and I’m not having it!”

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