Rivaldo cries during a press conference


15th, May 2007


Give that man a role in a daytime soap already!

The story is that Rivaldo feels betrayed by his club, Olympiakos of Greece. The 35-year-old Brazilian World Cup winner announced his departure from Olympiakos after negotiations for a new contract broke down. The club said on Saturday that Rivaldo had rejected an offer to renew his contract for another year on the same terms as this season. But Rivaldo claimed that Olympiakos’s administration wanted to halve his salary.
Rivaldo had announced last February that he would be staying for the 2007-08 season. ‘I was perfectly happy here,’ he told Saturday’s news conference. ‘The happiest days of my life were between February and now… But they forced me to leave.’
Hmm, I can’t have too much sympathy for the player who did this.

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  1. rihana says:

    Very hearbrokening to see such a brilliant player crying.I know for a fact that he will overcome this difficult period in his life to become more determined. H e will continue in football because he was awesome in his 3 years at olympiakos.
    A player who has given us so much joy will always be remembered as a true great

  2. Timothy B. says:

    What a whiny little shit.
    Honestly, where’s an overrated 35 year old going to go? He should be happy he still has a career.

  3. akke says:

    etoo is overrated, rivaldo was awesome during his best years at barca

  4. rihana says:

    Over rated and Rivaldo I don’t think so….one of the greatest players EVER