Mark Schwarzer is a children’s author

Ollie Irish

18th, May 2007

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Megs.JPGCoaching, bland punditry, alcoholism. The list of possibilities for footballers once they hang up their boots is seemingly endless, but forays into the world of children’s literature are not too common. Trailblazing the career move from the territory of Harry Redknapp to the world of Harry Potter is Middlesbrough keeper Mark Schwarzer.
The Aussie international has set himself for a creative retirement having co-authored Megs and the Vootball Kids. According to its website, the book tells the tale of Edward ‘Megs’ Morrison, the football-loving new boy at school in foreign country, who befriends a ‘quirky old Hungarian cleaner’. Sounds like dodgy territory to me! The book is out on May 29.

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1 Comment

  1. Stavi says:

    I only got the book today and i am upto chapter two and I if your wandering if I am I a boy or a girl well I am a girl. I’m into sport and things like that. My favourite sport is soccer and I thats why I got this book!