A Day in the Life of Alecko Eskandarian


29th, May 2007


Who the hell is Alecko Eskandarian? you may ask. Good question. He’s a striker currently playing for struggling Real Salt Lake in the MLS. Alecko is the son of Iranian national player Andranik Eskandarian, an Iranian-Armenian who played for the New York Cosmos in the early Eighties.
Alecko’s a bit of a character too – he was once fined $250 for a goal celebration which consisted of him opening a can of Red Bull and spitting the contents onto the pitch (he had just scored for DC United against Red Bull NY, if that helps explain it). Anyway, here’s a video I found of a day in his life. It won’t change your life, but it is interesting to see how American athletes differ from their British counterparts:

Part two after the click…

Alecko and ‘a bunch of the guys’ play Top Golf. He is a ‘sick putter’ – sick meaning good, I guess, but you wouldn’t know it from this…

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  1. Andrew says:

    Not to nit-pick, but he’s at Toronto FC now. Not that it really matters.

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    He was at Toronto until recently Andrew, but just got transferred to Salt Lake.