Nicky Shorey’s honeymoon in Estonia

Ollie Irish

1st, June 2007

_42995777_shorey203.jpgWhen Nicky Shorey was playing Championship football with Reading last season he could not in his wildest dreams have imagined he would be honeymooning with John Terry (if he was that way) the following year. But so it is. Having made his England debut against Brazil this evening, the 26-year-old will be whisked away to get married on Saturday. The left-back will be allowed to stick around for the wedding night, but has to rejoin the England squad on Sunday as Shorey goes on honeymoon to Estonia for the Euro 2008 qualifier.
Shorey, who was due to be enjoying his stag night this evening rather than keeping an eye on Ronaldinho, said: “We booked the wedding last year and I didn’t have a clue anything like this would happen. If the game had been on Saturday we would have had to postpone the wedding – but don’t tell the missus that!” Shorey will go on his delayed real honeymoon to Mauritius after the Estonia game.

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