Pies Fans, Please Sign This Petition To Get Defibrillators Installed At Every Single Football Club In The UK

Chris Wright

19th, September 2016



We’d like to take a moment to tell you about a noble petition that may hopefully end up saving the lives of many professional and amateur footballers in the United Kingdom for years to come.

The petition in question was set up by Lia Kellogg who sadly lost her brother in 2011 when he suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed on the pitch at football training.

Therefore, Lia is simply asking The FA to make it a legal requirement to have defibrillators fitted at every single football ground in Britain.

Every week in the UK, 12 apparently fit and healthy young ages 35 and under die from undiagnosed cardiac conditions. (C.R.Y, 2015)

The percentage chance of saving a life if a defibrillator is used in the first 3 minutes is 74% and if used in the first 10 minutes the chance of survival is 35%.

Many young people across the UK and the world have collapsed and died during football matches.

Having a defibrillator on site at all football grounds within the UK could save someone’s life, this petition is in place so we can together make this a law

The petition has been live for almost a week and is going strong, but it’s still a few hundred signatures shy of reaching the first 5,000 marker.

It’s a wonderfully worthy cause so we humbly ask if you, the Pies faithful, would be willing to lend your support by heading over to Change.org and adding your virtual squiggle at the top of the page.

Merci beaucoup.

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  1. Supervillan says:

    I really struggle to understand why they arent already. As far as I understand they aren’t hugely expensive and only need to be srviced every 3-5 years considering they haven’t been used. My first job was at a tiny service station KFC about 14 years ago and even they fucking had one! Maybe the FA could stump up a bit of cash too! Fat chance.

  2. Andy Boda says:

    In 1967 my friend collapsed next to me while we were playing an away game and, while the home team officials did all they could, we lost him. They didn’t know then, but everyone knows now. There is absolutely no excuse not to have the most basic lifesaving equipment on hand at every game.

  3. We have helped hundreds of clubs become HeartSafe across many different sports. We offer a defibrillator with real CPR feedback proven to give the best chance of survival in both trained and untrained hands. We also have unique systems to ensure the ongoing management and governance of defibrillators in both public and club use trusted by all ambulance services in over 1000 UK locations. We would be very happy to help and advise this very worthy initiative.

  4. Maria says:

    I thought ambulances/ St John’s were required at every league game anyway? It’s not just the equipment, it’s having a minimum number of people trained in how to use it present at every match.

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