Arsenal’s new white kit looks even worse than we first suspected…


5th, June 2007


Arseblog is not impressed with Arsenal’s ‘minging’ white kit, and I have to agree with him. It just doesn’t say Arsenal to me in any way, although I’ve always had a soft spot for hooped socks. Cesc, Thierry, Gilberto and little Theo seem very pleased with it though – either that or they’ve just bum-rushed the Tube ticket barrier and saved a fiver.

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  1. Adam says:

    It was alright the first time I saw it when it had the red sleeves, it was at least the inverse of the home shirt.
    Pure white, though, is kinda lame. It could be worse, though, I’d hate to be a Man City fan with their awful new purple….

  2. Amro says:

    Looks like they are playing for Emirates Airlines, with Arsenal FC sponsorship

  3. Dom says:

    The shirt really isn’t all that bad, the stripey socks however, are repulsive. It’s like a team of Pippi Longstockings FFS.

  4. joe says:

    Its a simple ploy to sell more shirts, simple as that. Its just like buying Park Ji-Sung.

  5. Anonymous says:

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