The Fiendish Friday Quiz


8th, June 2007


1 Olympique Lyonnais, Paris Saint-Germain, AC Milan, Olympique Marseille, Bolton Wanderers, Birmingham City, Leicester City (current). Whose rollercoaster career?
2 Which German football club does ginger tennis legend Boris Becker support?
3 Picture round. Name this Premiership star-in-the-making…
4 Which team plays its home games at the Swangard Stadium in Burnaby, British Columbia?
5 Who is the only England player in history who has neither lived, nor played club football, in England?
6 The club crest challenge:
Answers after the jump…

1 Bruno N’Gotty
2 Bayern Munich
3 Ben Sahar, Chelsea’s Israeli striker
4 Vancouver Whitecaps
5 Owen Hargreaves
6 FC Porto
Any sixers today?

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  1. william brown says:

    i thought becker supported bremen for some reason
    i think i made a sub-conscious connection between their orange/green kit for becker’s hair/tennis lawn

  2. Collie says:

    5/6. i hadnt a clue about the stadium

  3. Andrew says:

    4. Couldn’t get Ben Sahar. I also thought Becker supported Bremen. Maybe he does and you’re wrong.

  4. Matthew Burke says:

    i got N’gotty, Hargreaves and FC Porto
    i also guessed Vancouver, but couldn’t name the whitecaps
    i thought Becker supported Bayer Leverkusen
    and i don’t know Ben Sahar, is he some crappy player like robert huth ?

  5. kj says:

    4/6. Didn’t know N’Gotty or Sahar. The team I support lcoally (Minnesota Thunder) will be at Swangard on Sunday night, and I may well be visiting there in August, so that was a bit too easy for me. :)

  6. Louwrens says:

    4 for me… best yet

  7. chringle says:

    ben sahar is going to be the next louis saha

  8. rob says:

    3/6 Didn’t know N’Gotty, Sahar or the Vancouver Whitecaps.

  9. Austine says:

    I’m a chelsea fan. I would like to get one of ur jersey. Thanks. Austin’