Bizarre Mexican mascot game

Ollie Irish

15th, June 2007


We haven’t a clue what is going on here, but we know quality football entertainment when we see it! It seems to be some sort of mascot football, possibly between representatives of Mexican teams. Any Hispanic Pies readers who know what it’s all about, let us know!

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  1. Greg says:

    i only notice one mexican team, Pumas, playing, but i don’t believe that any of the other ones have anything to do with football.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It gives me great pleasure to say this when I’m not high:
    Wow, that tiger scored a nice goal!

  3. Adam says:

    *posted at 2:14 PM

  4. Rodolfo says:

    I see the mascots for three Mexican teams
    Monterrey- #22 in the purple suit
    Club Irapuato- the bumble bee man
    U.N.A.M Pumas- the puma
    The rest seem to be baseball related.

  5. Oh God… here we go:
    This looks like a clip from “Otro Rollo”, Mexico’s answer to a Leno/Letterman late night show. The guy in the Bumblebee suit is Yordi Rosado, second banana to host Adal Ramones (on sidelines, with a red baseball hat) and a former college buddy of yours truly.
    Can’t tell by the non-original (and artistically challenged) audio, but it looks like they put together a match between mascots from, well, everywhere. The Tiger is “Chacho”, a baseball mascot (he got game, too). There’s a friar (from Tepeyac’s University American Football Team), the Puma from UNAM, Monterrey’s “Rayado”, amongst others.
    Oh, the shame…

  6. Jezza says:

    Wait, what is Bumblebee Man from The Simpsons doing in there?

  7. Phil says:

    God I love the internet.